What Is Fiverr? How to Earn With It?


All About Fiverr ๐Ÿ™‚

Ur! Hey, guys today I’m going to talk about one of the famous websites which is ORGANIC and where you can earn money. Friends today I’m going to tell you all how to create your account, how to create gigs (I’ll explain to you what are gigs), what are the basic necessaries for Fiverr and amazing tips which will help you to grow on Fiverr and be a good online earner!

 So, friends, some of you might know this website and some might not. Largely the people who are more interested in online earning and those who fidget a bit I’m sure they might know. So neither wasting any of your time let me tell you the structure of Fiverr and all the Tac Ticks.

Fiverr’s History

                  So, guys, this is a freelancing website which was founded on 1st of February in 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. Basically, friends, Sir Shai Wininger came up with a concept of a dual-side platform which means that it allows the people to buy and sell their digital variety of services offered by freelance entrepreneurs. Let me explain you the meaning of ‘Freelance’, self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. Friends the services is basically based on creating a design, translation, writing an article, video editing, programming, affiliate marketing services and etc. These services which are provided to Fiverr are called gigs. And the services at Fiverr starts from 5$ and goes up till 100$ and 1000$.

How To Join Fiverr

So guys its very simple to join Fiverr, Follow few steps at being a member of Fiverr
  1.  Open your browser and go to the site of Fiverr
  2. At your upper right side, there will be a button in a green color named join.
  3. Click on that
  4. Then a box will open which will ask you to fill your email 
  5. Enter your email id and click on continue
  6. Then choose a strong password for the Fiverr login process
  7. Then an activation mail will come on your Gmail account then click on that and then your Fiverr account will be activated

 Gigs (At Fiverr)

                 So guys gigs are basically the services which are made and afforded by the sellers at Fiverr.
And there are lots of categories in creating gigs. Some of them are mentioned below have a glance towards it:-

  1. Graphics & Design
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Writing and Translations

  4. Videos and Animation
  5. Music and Audio
  6. Programming and Tech
  7. Bussiness
  8. Fun and Lifestyle

These were the categories and many much falls into this category as subcategories.

How to create Gigs

   So friends follow these below steps to create a gig which is very simple:

  1. After you are logged in and filled your bio in a unique and catchy manner then go to sales, this option will appear on the upper side of your screen
  2. Then a page will open where you select to create a gig
  3. There you start to create your gig
  4. The very first option will be asking you to enter a gig title, so enter it.
  5. After that select, your gig’s category then insert some pretentious images and then write a very catchy description and write some offers in this gig.
  6. Then add tags which will help people to come to your gig
  7. Next, add the duration time you will require to create that customers need and also enter the instruction for the buyers.
  8. Then click on save and continue
  9. Then add all the details for three packages and their rates and the characteristics in theirs.
  10. Next is to click on save and continue
  11. Then publish your gig. IT’S ALIVE

Requirements for Fiverr Account is your PayPal account

    Tips For Your Fiverr Account

    1.  See friends always never copy any profile’s description or anything think out of the way and make your profile unique because there’s a tough competition in this field too.
    2. Your profile filling up should be good and only fill up the skills you know and if you don’t follow this and fill any skill and if you get any order based on that skill then if you don’t know how to do it then you might be in trouble.
    3. As you are a beginner at Fiverr start selling your services at cheap rates so you set up good fame there.
    4. And as you give services at cheap rates also give that service as possible as you can and be sure you deliver it within 24 hours.
    5. As soon as you get service try that you start that work at that time and make sure you complete that service within 30-40 minutes and whenever you deliver give that client a bonus I mean that give that client something in bonus so that he will be happy with your work and will give you a good feedback and that will give a good weight to your profile.
    6. Always think different and freakish on Fiverr always. 
    7. I’ll recommend you guys that at the very first buy a product for yourself and give good feedback which will be a good sigh to your profile.
    8. Friends, Always use keywords at Description, Tittle, and tags so that whenever a buyer searches for a service your gig will appear to him/her.
    9. Never let anyone give you negative feedback and if he doesn’t take back tell him that you are taking your service back and pay him the accepted amount.
    10. See, guys if want to sell out more and earn more then you have to search an almost similar gig on your Fiverr then select anyone gig with pending orders, then go to that ordered client and then just text him that you are giving a better service with a good and precise matter at low rate and then he might come to your service and you may get orders. And remember just message only 3-4 people a day if you do more then Fiverr may consider your account spam.

    If you want to earn simply by doing nothing follow the bellow tips ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. First of all search a demanding service on Fiverr then buy that service.
    2. Later you can sell that same service at a higher rate.
    3. Eg: Facebook pages, E-books etc.

    Guys thank you 
    very much for having a visit here!
    The more good and best content on technology will
    be posted here so VISIT AGAIN!
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