Video Editing for Beginners (PC Users)

So you are a new content creator in the block and want to get your grip on your viewers by giving them sweet-sweet love of interesting and captivating videos. But creating a video from a camera is one thing and then making it watchable on your social media handles is another. 

Today we will show you how you can edit your videos with ease and the common mistakes you need to take care of when you are editing your first few videos. 

So sip up your coffee and get your caffeine levels up cause you need it to edit a video. 

Tips To Be A good Video Editor 

Choose the right application for video editing

You can easily find free video editing software online, which you can download on your computer. They are present in a wide range, so you don’t need to invest your money in getting the most advanced and robust software for your initial start. 

In addition to this, when you are using software, it can make things easy for you and challenging. As a newcomer, you need to know which software is right for you, and you will be more comfortable to edit your videos. 

You need to think about what type of videos you are editing, do you need B rolls for your clips, or do you need to put computer-generated graphics in your video. All these things matter before you could start your editing. When you keep these things in mind, you will know which software will be best for you. 

Plan Before You Shoot

One of the rookie’s mistakes an editor or a content creator does is not planning how to shoot the videos. Video editing starts with a good plan as it’s a tedious task, and it needs to be mentioned before shooting the video. 

When you know what kind of editing needs to be done initially, you will shoot video accordingly and make the editing process more manageable and less tiresome. 

Keep Your Timeline Organised

If you want to remain sane during the video editing process, you need to follow this tip with your heart. Suppose you are making a video, a combination of several short A rolls, B rolls, and other small clips. In that case, you need to create a proper timeline. 

A timeline is a visual representation of the chronological order of all the clips you will use in your video. It’s the primary workspace for sequencing clips, making it easy for you to refine your videos. 

You need to consider while making your videos to create a separate folder for your sounds, music, and images that you will be using in your video. And put all of these in one folder and name it after the project. Do not put anything on trash even after the video is completed and you have uploaded it. You never know when you need those short clips from your videos. Some of the most famous Youtubers always keep their videos raw footage saved in their server.

Don’t Overdo The Editing

As a newcomer, you may find adding lots of layers of effects will work as a seasoning on food. Well, a lot can make things worse as it will overpower what you have done in the first place. Likewise, when you are putting more pressure on effect, you will need more graphical power. Thus, your rendering may take hours to complete.

As a new editor, it might be overwhelming not to include all your clips in your videos. You want to give your viewers everything, but you need to balance the quality and quantity. Nobody wants to see the video 10 minutes long if the information can be passed in less than 5 minutes. 

You need to look for different ways to cut down your video to its core parts in your editing process. If something which is not as useful for the main title and can be removed, you should remove it. The result will be a more clear and direct message which you want to convey from your video. 

Audio And Graphics 

A video is incomplete without its proper audio along with intro and outro. When you edit the video, you need to play through your video quite a few times to ensure that the video is in sync with the audio. Many professional-level editing software comes with tools that allow you to fine-tune the audio of your clips. 

We are not asking you to spend a considerable amount on getting premium software but make sure your audio is reasonably excellent and easy to understand. Video and audio both need to be understandable for better immersion. 

On the other hand, titles and graphics are one of the best ways that will help you convey the important message that you wanted your viewers to pay attention to. Keep in mind that your graphics need not be too creative. They are easy to read and don’t overcrowd the graphics with lots of words. You can use an image to video editing tools to convert your static images into small clips to use them in your videos. 

Final Output

A video made for YouTube will only be good for Youtube. In the same way, videos made for social media postings such as Instagram and Facebook are efficient in grabbing the viewer’s attention. 

Make sure you know your output presets that are designed specifically for posting on different social media websites. You can go with Corel video editor, Nero, Lumen5, and Cyberlink’s power director. These are some of the easiest and user-friendly video editing software that are out there in the market at a reasonable cost. 

In Conclusion

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you are starting a new editing project on your PC. it might look complicated at the start as you are handling both the video and audio along with graphics. But with practice and patience, you will master the art of editing. Just follow these tips, and you will find yourself at ease during your editing sessions. 

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