How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Xbox One? (2 Methods Explained)

People generally use their televisions to connect their Xbox, but what happens when you do not have a television or want to use your Xbox away from home? In this case, you could go through the trouble trying to organize a television, or you could use your laptop as a monitor for your Xbox.

Technology has evolved to a point where your laptop can be used in many exciting ways that the ordinary person would not think of, such as using it as a monitor for your Xbox. Luckily, the process of using your laptop as a monitor for your Xbox is quite simple and straightforward.

So, today I will be discussing different ways to use your laptop as a monitor for your Xbox in detail. At the end of this article, you will easily connect your Xbox to your laptop.

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Xbox One?

You will need an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your Xbox. Insert the one end of your HDMI cable into your Xbox, plug the other side of your HDMI cable into your laptop. Switch on your Xbox and wait a few minutes for your laptop to detect your Xbox.  

How To Connect Your Xbox One To Your Laptop In 2 Different Ways

The Xbox, like many gaming consoles, is traditionally connected to televisions to display the graphics. However, there are alternative methods you can use that will give you the same experience. 

Connecting the Xbox to the Laptop allows for ease of use, portability, and convenience. Below I’ve mentioned HDMI and Wi-Fi as alternative ways of connecting the Xbox and laptop and have provided step-by-step instructions on the setup so that you can continue your gaming experience.

1. Play Xbox One On Laptop Screen With HDMI

HDMI is a standard connection that transmits video and audio from one device to another through a cable. When connecting your Xbox and laptop via HDMI, a few things have to be noted. You need to know the difference between HDMI Input and HDMI Output.

The HDMI Output sends video and audio in simple terms, which is received by the HDMI Input. This means that you have to connect its HDMI Output to the laptop’s HDMI Input for the Xbox to display the game on the laptop. Ensure that your laptop has an HDMI Input port and follow the steps below to set it up.

Step By Step Process To Connect Your Xbox One To Laptop With HDMI

  1. Switch the Xbox off.
  2. Ensure all running PC programs are ended.
  3. Connect HDMI cable to Xbox and laptop.
  4. Connect the Output Port of HDMI – Xbox One, and the Input Port Of HDMI – Your Laptop.
  5. Switch on the Xbox.
  6. The laptop will sense the Xbox is connected in the input and switch the display.
  7. To configure the display and resolution of the system’s settings, go to the Xbox dashboard.
  8. Enjoy your game!

2. Use A Wireless Connection To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox One

When you have no HDMI cable or your laptop does not have the correct port, Wi-Fi is the second-best alternative. This method requires both the Xbox and the laptop to be connected to the same Wi-Fi.

It would be best if you use the network connection between your laptop and modem. You should select the sharing tab on your laptop; after that, change your settings to allow alternative network users to connect through your laptop’s Wi-Fi connection. 

Requirements To Connect Your Xbox One Wirelessly

Before connecting these two devices, few things have to be installed on the laptop, such as Windows 10. The latest Windows allows and enables you to connect both Xbox and Laptop. Then download the Xbox App and DirectX 1, which are accessible on the Windows Store, easing the connection between the laptop and Xbox. Once they have all been installed, follow the steps below to set it up.

Step By Step Process To Connect Your Xbox One to Laptop Wirelessly

  1. Open the Xbox App.
  2. Scroll to Settings and select “connection.”
  3. Select your Xbox device on the list.
  4. Once connected, click on “stream,”
  5. The laptop should start displaying images and audio from the Xbox.

You can also read this guide by Dummies if you cannot figure out how to connect your Xbox to your network wirelessly.

So, these were the two methods that can help you to use laptop as monitor for Xbox one. Both of them are pretty easy, the first method uses the HDMI cable, and the second one consists of a Wireless Network.

Why Use a laptop As a Monitor for Xbox One?

There are several reasons why a laptop can be an alternative monitor as opposed to the traditional television. Many people tend to disregard that a laptop can be used as an alternative screen in the absence of a TV monitor, so now you can use the laptop as a monitor whenever you want to go online but cannot because the television is occupied.

Another reason you would use a laptop as a monitor is that there is more access to laptops than television monitors, which are costly. Your laptop will do just an excellent job as a television screen; however, the resolution and quality of the graphics may be affected; that is something to consider if you are someone who loves high-resolution graphics. If you are unbothered by the quality of your graphics and just want to play, then it is time to start streaming to your laptop.

The most recent television models are flatscreens that you attach to your wall. These televisions are not suited for movement. However, you can take your laptop wherever you go. Laptops are easily portable and conveniently space-friendly. When you are going on a trip and unsure whether there will be a television, you can take your laptop and enjoy playing Xbox away from home.

How to stream your game from Xbox One App?

If you want to stream your game from your Xbox One app, you have to sign in to your Xbox live account. Once that is completed, go to your laptop’s settings, switch on your Bluetooth, and connect the controllers. However, if your laptop does not have Bluetooth, you will need to install it and follow the steps below to start streaming.

  1. Open the Xbox App.
  2. Scroll to Settings and select “Device Connection.”
  3. Click on Allow game streaming to other devices.
  4. Make sure you also select allow connections from any device connected to the same network.
  5. Once connected, you can easily stream your game from Xbox One App.

If still not figured out you can take help of this article from Xbox.  


Can I Use My Laptop As A Monitor For My Xbox 360?

Yes, it is possible to use a laptop as a monitor with an Xbox360. You need to follow the same step-by-step procedure as mentioned above to connect the laptop to Xbox One. Connect your HDMI cable from your laptop to your Xbox 360 so that the display is shown.

How To Connect Xbox One To Laptop Windows 10?

Using an HDMI, connect it to the laptop port and then connect the other end to your Xbox One, and the laptop monitor should display what’s on the Xbox.

You will need to ensure you have the Windows 10 and the Xbox App using a wireless connection. Login to the Xbox live, and on the dashboard, click on connect.

How To Play Xbox One On Laptop Without TV?

The way to do this is by using your laptop as an alternative monitor. You can do this by connecting your laptop to the Xbox by using an HDMI cable or Wi-Fi. Once either connection is set up, the Xbox will display the sound and audio on the laptop monitor.

How To Connect Xbox One To Laptop Windows 7?

The method to do this is the same as when attempting to connect to Windows 10. If you are using an HDMI cable, connect the Xbox and laptop, and it should display; however, if it is wireless, then download and login into Xbox App and start streaming to your laptop.


Connecting your Xbox One to your laptop has proven to be an alternative; this allows you to use your Xbox One even when the television is occupied. The two methods, as mentioned earlier, to connect your laptop and Xbox are quick and straightforward to implement. The wireless method can be an alternative for those who have laptops without an HDMI Input port.

The negative aspect of using your laptop as a monitor for your Xbox instead of using television is that the graphic quality is affected, and you will have to adjust to playing on a smaller screen. Another issue is that not all laptops are manufactured with HDMI Output ports. Even though Wi-Fi is an alternative method for that situation, it too has its failures; for example, the internet speed could disrupt your gaming experience.

I hope that I have solved your query on “How to use Laptop as monitor for Xbox One?” If you still have any issues connecting your Xbox to the laptop, drop a comment, and I would love to help you out.

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