Online Earners, The Dark Truth Of Them On These Big Billion Days

Do you know why YouTubers/Bloggers made you Aware of these BILLION Deals?

Hello friends, today we will talk about the truth behind Online Earners, why they are Promoting these deals on social media. And do you know how much they earn? Well, all this I’ll tell you today in this article, by the way, this article will be short and very informative so hope you be till the last line.

 Guys, basically the work which these online earners have done in the span of  10-14/15  Oct is a smart work and this can also be done by us. 

Guys you must have noticed that Amazon and Flipkart had launched their sales, and the advertisement of these sales are been played on TV, YouTube, Websites and many more.

So as the sale has ended the online marketers and earners have also earned a lot, and how and how much they have earned I’ll tell you!

So guys these people when they come to know that the sale is going to come at that moment they develop and make an awareness on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram that the sales are going to be held and if you purchase the products by the given links by us, you will get extra discount which is totally fake.

YouTubers have promoted by giving the link in description box and bloggers by creating a special website for these sales. Youtubers have a huge audience and I have observed that the big youtube creators have also done this (I would not like to mention their names. Sorry)

What happens when you purchase products from the provided links which these online earners give you?

They Earn Profit.

What and How this exactly works?


These Online Earners (OE), already have a huge Audience and then these OE shares lots and bundles of links on these sales, And then when people purchase these products the OE earns a profit. Let me make this more illustrative with an example,

Eg: If I, send a link on WhatsApp to you of a T-Shirt to you which costs 699, and as you click on that link you will be directed to Amazon or Flipkart (Depends on the link and the OE)

Then you proceed to checkout and then payment. When you pay this amount of 699 then I’ll be profited. And I’ll get a commision of 50-60 INR.


*——(Once I had sold a SmartPhone of approx 19000 INR through Amazon and I was benefitted 500 INR)  ——*

All this is called Affiliate Marketing. I have already written an article on Affiliate Marketing, hope you read that article it will help you a lot.

(Click here to read the AFFILIATE MARKETING Article )

Who can do this?

You Can

We all can do this but, The one who does this should know, to play with words quite well and Should have a huge Audience (Active Followers or Friends on social media platforms)


How To Join And Earn?

It’s Easy,

Join The Affiliate Platform of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc.

Make an Affiliate Account with them.
Wait for sales to come. And as the sales start to post your links on all social media platform.

Start Earning


Guys, this is not very hard or complex work, rather it’s a very simple work, smart people are aware of all this and only wanted to make an awareness that guys please you also start Affiliate Marketing.
You all might think that who will take a headache of Signup process and all.
Just give 10-15 mins your account will be created, if you do this you will earn and if not then Online Earning platform is not for you because Affiliate Marketing is the simplest and easiest work
  1. You should have a big ACTIVE audience.
  2. Be aware of upcoming sales
  3. As the sale starts, be like a beast and start sharing links in bulk.
  4. Earn Money.
(You will Earn, Not I)


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