Start Your Blog with FREE Domain in 2020, Step-by-Step Guide

Hey, welcome first of all, and I know that you have landed here after reading one of the blogs that explained to you the benefits of blogs. Wasn’t it crazy? It was!

In this Post I’ll basically help you to start your blog.

The SEO industry is booming and the competition is also increasing but I want you guys to stand out and rank your websites like a pro. From the past 2 years, I’m in this Blogging Industry and have learned a lot and I hope that I would help you too.

Comming to the point!

Step-by-Step Guide to Start Your Blog

We all know how competitive this industry is and I’m the one who has still survived, how I did it? Well, there are some proven frameworks that I have built over the years and this would help you too.

Straight to the point!

1.) Have a Mindset!

Well, great this is very important as we all know how important mindset is, have a sporting mindset, and never give up till you make affiliate sales or any particular goal!

Give your whole soul to this and make sure you treat your blog as a business!

Give Your 100% and ultimately you’ll see great results!

Moving on to the next section…

2.) Choose a Niche

Well, I hope that you are interested in some or the other thing! It can be anything.

Still not bother to figure out?

Think of one think that you are passionate about!

Like I like to read books and help people with my Networking Skills.

Now see which thing is profitable and go for it! In my case starting a blog on ‘Networking Skills’ would be more better compared to reading books!

Remember this formula ‘Passion + Profit = Profitable Blog Niche’

Now as we are done with the niche part, moving forward to the next section!

3.) Choosing a Catchy Domain Name!

Yes, choose a good domain name like it should be easy to pronounce and unique.

You can choose a name that suits your business and plus..

I have a deal for you!

A domain name takes approximately Rs. 700-800 but if you can also get it for free on annual plans on most of the hosting plans!

I’ve suggested a hosting below you can go and get it from there and you’ll get a domain name for free (Awesome)

Now, one of the significant thing, and the one which is always misunderstood, I’ll get to it in detail…

Let’s Go…

4.) Which Hosting should you go for?

First thing first…

Websites are hosted on special computer servers and a hosting allows your site.

Choosing a hosting is not a big deal but it needs wise advice!

Well, there are lot of hosting companies and most of they claim that they are the best and of all.

But, you know!

It’s not the truth!

I’ve invested in biggest hosting companies that you might have heard of, but now I totally rely on Hostinger!

Hostinger will give you the best up time and solid storage!

Hostinger is from 2003 and never unsatisfied their customers.


Get your Hostinger Hosting and FREE Domain on annual Shared Hosting Plans

So, I’m listing the 4 plans have a look towards it and pick one of them.

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Here I’ve a deal for you!

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Just go and get a hosting with my link and mail me, I’ll help you!

Coming back to the point!

After getting the hosting install WordPress and few important themes and plugins.

Which plugins to install? Well, here’s it…

5.) Theme and Plugins

Well once you install WordPress there are few steps still left to start your blog and to go live!

For theme you can go for Generate Press (recommended), Astra, Oceon WP, Divi, Avada and many more.

If you are not good at this installing and all technical stuff you can contact me I”ll do it for you (Only if you get a hosting from my link)


Go for Yoast SEO, Jetpack, W3 Cache, Jetpack and many more.

6.) Money Making Ways

Well there are lot of ways to make money with your blog.

Following are the ways to make money with your blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Own Service
  • Selling Own Products
  • Sponsored Guest Post
  • Get Paid to Write Reviews

Many More…

Now it’s upon you that how you setup your site and run.

All the best and if there’s any problem knock me I’ll help you.

Have a nice day!