Samsung Galaxy Fold, Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Foldable Phone

After going through the Samsung’ s Unpacked 2019 launch event Samsung Galaxy Fold has been officially unveiled on stage.


As we come to hear about the battery, I mean how is the battery created in the foldable phone? And yes their batteries are not foldable and hence they have two batteries at either side.

When I watched this event online, I really appreciated the work done by Samsung engineers. This will give a powerful smartphone and a revolutionary tablet. When the price was announced in the hall all the gossips started and as it is this foldable phone is more expensive than the iPhones

I’m really excited about this smartphone because it’ll really be the first foldable phone by Samsung.

So, let’s get into the specs of this phone and I’ll give my opinions but first let us go into the pros and cons of this foldable phone.

Samsung Foldable Phone Pros

Every device has it’s pros and cons and the Samsung Foldable Phone also has some awesome and crispy advantages.

  1. Here the best thing which I loved in this Samsung Foldable Phone was the Multitasking. I mean literally you can have 3 apps open at a time and you can work on all of them at a time. Example:- If you are watching a YouTube video and at that time you receive a urgent text message from you friend and at the same time you can chat, watch a video, and google your query all at one time on one screen! How was that, wasn’t it amazing?
  2. Owns a good and awesome super AMOLED display. And guys, when you are using the front side and when you unfold the phone you’ll see the same screen on a big screen as a tablet view and that too instantly.
  3. Having a wireless charging which is already observed in other phones but then too this is great.
  4. Having 6 Cameras. And notch at the inner side
  5. The Galaxy Fold will be available in four colors; Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue.

Samsung Foldable Phone Cons

  1. As being a big and a foldable phone here the lag has been observed when the host (Justin Denison, SVP of product marketing) told Josh (the guy in the screen with the foldable phone). The lag was observed when Josh was opening the Google maps and also when he was pressing the fingerprint scanner button at the right side. And hence this may affect the Performance.
  2. The small display of the samsung Foldable Phone is really a bit small width wise
  3. It is Thick and Heavy
  4. Price

Also check this trailer of this Phone:

Source: Samsung (YouTube)

Samsung Foldable Phone Specifications

Display size, resolution 4.6-inch Super AMOLED; 7.3-inch QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED
Mobile software Android 9.0 with Samsung One UI
Camera 16-megapixel (ultra wide-angle), 12-megapixel (wide-angle), 12-megapixel (telephoto)
Front-facing camera Two 10-megapixel, 8-megapixel 3D depth
Processor Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Storage 512GB
Expandable storage None
Battery 4,380 mAH
Fingerprint sensor Right side of phone
Special features Foldable display, wireless charging, fast charging, multitasking
Price $1,980

My opinions on Samsung Foldable Phone

As this foldable smartphone is not for the mass audience and the base variant starts with 140233 rupees. And according to the functions and tech the price is suitable so no doubt for that. So, guys what you think about the foldable phone and what would be the future of this?

Guys last questions for you,

Did you loved this Foldable Phone?

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