Best way to make money online through Quora Partner Program.

Quora had come up with its Quora Partner Program and through this program, most of the people have earned a decent amount of money. Whereas “Quora Partner Program” the beta version was launched in April.

Quite a good program brought by Quora which helps interrogatory persons to earn. But not each and every person can earn money here, only the ones who are invited by quora itself can earn through asking questions.

How to make money on Quora Partner Program?

While the more engaging your question is the good amount you earn. The question asked should be intresting, engaging and according to the policy.

Quora states that “Be Nice, Be Respectful” (BNBR) whenever you ask any question. And there are many more policies that you have to keep in mind before asking a question. You can read all the policies over here: Acceptable Use Policy by Quora.

How Quora Partner Program Works?

The number of answers and views you get on your question the more you earn, quite simple. But only selective people are allowed and the system is totally dark nobody knows the criteria to get in this partner program.

But there are few ways where you can try to get into this criteria and start earning money. Checkout the tips to get into that criteria below.

How much can you earn through this Program?

Quora itself says that there’s no limit to make money through this platform. It’s all based on the type of the question and the engagement level on that question.

A few days back when I was reading Quora Blog, I came across the statistics of this Program of 2018 and when I came to know about this I was totally Shocked and $26,897 is not less!

Quora has launched this program only to benefit people and get their correct answer on quora digest. To increase the engagement level, the quality of answers are also some major goals practiced by Quora.

No. Amount Earned Questions Asked in last 6 months Average Questions per day
Top person $26,897 8,000 45
Top 10 Partners $9,189 11,256 61

How to get invited to the Quora Partner Program

The main thing comes here is that how do I get invited and earn money online? While when I did the in-depth research where I came to many websites and articles and the most common answer is that ask different and engaging questions which are unique and never asked before.

And ask atleast 10 questions each day and when you get some good answers you’ll get the invite. But I’m not totally satisfied with this and I don’t think that practicing this you’ll get invite.

You should ask questions which are unique and engaging. You should get a good amount of views on answers to your questions. And the question asked by you should not cross the Quora policy. And be consistent in asking a question so that Quora doesn’t feel like you are asking just for the sake of money.

Country matters and only in a few countries this program has been launched. This program is working in the U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia.

ask questions and earn money through Quora Partner Program

You must have a Stripe or a Paypal account.

While there are some tips and frequently asked questions by the people which are listed on Quora Blog. If you need to know more you can check it out here. Partner Program – Frequently Asked Questions


While there was an Idea hope that can work to help you to earn money just by asking. If you are consistently asking questions (and answering) according to the Quora Policy then within 2-3 months you’ll get your invite by mail.

And if not then just mail them [email protected] and request them for the partner program. Hope this works (fingers crossed). But if you have asked the questions according to thier policy then only mail them. Best of luck.

To get detailed information checkout Quora Partner Program Blog.

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