Quit Playing PUBG Growing Mental Disorders and Kids in Dangerous Trap

Hello Friends, today I’ll explain in deep the mental disorders which can be harmed to you by excessive playing of PUBG. Well, guys, I’m not telling you to uninstall or stop playing it, it’s my humble request that plays only for half an hour or forty-five minutes a day, that’s more than enough.


 Guys, today I’m not going to talk about something weird or anything strange, we all are aware of this game which is top grossing and trending game. This game has more than 100 Million downloads and has been played by most of us even I used to play this game. 




What Is PUBG:The people who don’t know this game ( By the way you all might know) let me tell you that, In this game, we have to parachute yourself from an airplane and with us, more 99 players land up and the last man standing alive wins and is called WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. You can also play this game with your friends and voice chat feature is also available.

This game was developed by a South Korean video game company Named Bluehole.

So guys below listed are the diseases which can be caused due to excessive playing of PUBG.

1.) Brain Stroke

      In this disease, the flow of blood in the brain stops and due to lack of Oxygen, the brain cells start dying. Brain Stroke which means “Brain Attack”, and slowly and slowly in the further stage, the one side of our brain can get paralyzed.

2.) Blood Pressure (BP)

      As we all know that as and when in this game when we start killing the players and later on when only 10 or less than 10 people are left and at that time we hide and scope the enemy and at that time the heartbeat level of our heart is too high.

3.) Anxiety Disorders  

    Taking unnecessary stress, mental illness and being depressed and always feeling nervous. This happens when we and more 3 or 4 enemies are alive and when the blue circle starts coming towards us and when we get up and start running in the play zone for winning and till that time you are killed by someone and at that time you realize that if I would have come slowly I would win and you feel sad because of that silly mistake and here the anxiety level arises. And the whole day, you think about that moment.

4.) Cervical Spondylosis

 As we now that while playing this game we have to sit and with full concentration, we have to play this game at that time a part spinal cord shown in the figure is just stiff towards the mobile phone and due to a constant stiffness of neck this disease can happen. But the chances of this disease is less for the kids normally this disease happens to older people mostly.

   5.)  Bipolar Disorder


    Swing of modes that is, sometimes being happy and sometimes sad or else just quit. Due to this, the child can get excessive sleep or else feel difficult to sleep. It also brings a behavioral change and the aggression level increases and many more.

And there many more diseases like this Clinical Depression, Persistently Depressed, Predicament, Harmful Radiations of the phone, Brain Tumor and etc
My Advice:
Guys, I’m no one to force you to uninstall this game but yes it is my duty to aware you about all these and yeah I too play this game I make sure that I play only for half an hour or forty-five minutes but not more than that. Friends do not make this game an addiction.
Download this game in your parent’s phone and not in your so that you can play for a short time and the addiction can also be less.


Guys, we all know that this game is somewhat mission type and as and then we decide to leave this game we come to know that in the next week the new update is going to come and due to that we don’t uninstall and further we get addicted. So guys always try to ignore updates as much as you can.
Also while playing we are so engrossed that anyone call comes we directly reject it and as we rejected that call just for being alive in the game the important call you just rejected. And also the brightness of the phone is full just for clear vision and chicken dinner you are destroying your eyes.
Lastly, It is all upon you to reduce the addiction to this game or not and besides wasting time here guys learn something good from the internet like digital marketing, Affiliate Marketing and all.
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