Purchasing Fake Instagram Followers! Revealing the Truth

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Hello, friends today I’m going to talk about how a person’s account gets destroyed after purchasing followers. Do you have purchased Instagram followers? Have your friends purchased? Common you might be somewhat and have heard or seen this type of pages or story where they sell Likes, Followers, Views, Comments and all so basically today’s article I’ll tell you about what are the impressions after purchasing these followers and also how the process of the followers and all work.
For an Image Creating fame, we buy followers so that we can be famous amongst our friend circle and gain wow’s and nothing else. Let me explain the consequences in depth so that you yes you don’t purchase any followers. So without wasting any of your time lets jump in the topic. 
Consequences faced by users after purchasing FAKE Followers 
Fear About Next Post
    Usually when a normal user never has fear about posting anything because he knows that how many organic users he has and hence he uploads any posts without any fear. The other way round the user who has fake followers he knows that at the earlier posts he has purchased the likes and at this time when he uploads anything if that thing would not get the likes or views then everybody will come to know that he has purchased the Fake followers. So in that fear, he never uploads any posts.
Story Management Fails
Less Engagement
  The person who has purchased and increased his followers that a person uploads the story and the views and engagement ratio is very low whereas the organic person will get the sufficient views and the engagement ratio is well maintained
Facing Future Problems 
Facing Problems
    If the followers purchased boy/girl has any talent on him/her and they showcase their talents on Instagram and in future when their followers increase they will definitely face engagement problems
and hence will never be able to get that verification batch which is given to the celebrities and all.
Verification Badge
Verification Badge
Comments Ratio
 The person with fake followers gets likes by purchasing but what about comments “YES” I agree that comments can also be purchased but the relevant comments comparing to the post can’t be purchased. So if you go and see their comments they are very less and likes are 3k or 4k ……

Impact On Your Profile And Audience

Just Numbers

      The so-called fake followers you purchase those are just numbers and in reality, they stand nowhere I mean these fake ones are just numbers and the engagement ratio of these fake followers is ZERO percentage. So it’s better not to buy these just numerical fellows who are of no use.

Brand Endorsement


      In this case, I mean when you have 100k or 500k followers and some brands come to you and ask you to promote their product and you accept the deal and for that, you are paid for the promotion but if the brands come to know that their product is not well promoted and gets the negative down ratio of their advertisement then after that deal no other deals or brand endorsement will come to you for promotion because of your fake identity.

wait chill lets make this concept of  Brand Endorsement much easy with an EXAMPLE

A boy named Robin has real 500 followers and fake followers are 4000 which totals and total followers are 4500 so when a brand comes to Robin and gives him some money and tells him to promote that product and let that product be Shoes.

So Robin clicked a photo with the shoe of that brand and published it on his profile and later on when the brand saw that Robin’s audience didn’t add any comments and the ratio of comments and likes are totally not decent and from that deals no other brand endorsement comes near Robin because of that mistake, so guys be honest to show your own content and build your own empire.

Real Followers may UNFOLLOW



   Guys your followers are mostly your friends and some of the family members and others. See everyone is under the race of gaining followers and your friend knows you quite well and when you purchase followers your audience comes to know and hence they feel that this guy is boring and has so many followers for whom that guy don’t deserve. And they unfollow you.

Instagram is Watching You

Instagram Watching

Guys not only we but celebrities also purchase followers. Basically, Instagram rages a PURGE  anytime we don’t even know when and at that time the fake followers with zero percentage engagement and inactive accounts are removed and eliminated from Instagram.

And this purge was again taken place in the ending weeks of January 2019, where I myself lost 20 of my followers and got back again later. And also during this purge, Instagram also deleted most of the spammy accounts. 

A few years back famous celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and many more inactive accounts were PURGE in the year 2014 This massive PURGE also banned many suspicious accounts. In this PURGE Justin Bieber lost 3.5M followers.

Purge Effect

Every few years it goes under Massive PURGE to get rid of the fake followers. Because Instagram Algorithm watches your engagement rate and many more.



Stop purchasing these followers which are of no use and are just useless. Be honest and build up your own content. Guys, it’s my duty to keep you updated and keep you away from bad things which may destroy youInstagramam account and Well, thanks for reading this article and giving me a couple of minutes. Please do not forget to comment on any of your plus-minus points and feedback.

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