Online Typing Jobs, Make Money from Home.

Are you really good at typing? Then the below information will help you a lot to make a good amount. Being a freelancer online typing jobs is a perfect choice for the ones who type with 50-60 WPM or more than that. Typing jobs too has great potential to pay you.

If your fingers play quite well on the keyboard then you must sign up the below-mentioned websites to make an ample amount of money online just by typing.

Are you a slow typist? Don’t worry I’ll help you out to increase your typing speed and income as well. You don’t need any software to increase your typing speed, all you need is a rigorous practice for a couple of months/weeks and done. Just follow my tips which are below mentioned and boom!

What are typing jobs? Basically, they are data entry jobs and nothing else. I have previously talked about Data entry here: Best Online Jobs for College Students to earn money online.

How to find typing jobs online?

While there are many sources where you can find online typing jobs. But there are very few websites which say the truth. Most of the websites just suggest any third party websites just for their profit to make affiliate income.

They’ll just provide you an affiliate link. It’s better to give only a few online typing jobs websites that are at least legit. So here I’m mentioning only the one which works. And they are mentioned below.

What online typing jobs are real and can make real money with?

Yes, why not? You can make a good amount from these online typing jobs or data entry jobs. There are many spammy websites that take their work done by you and pay you nothing. I have some good and working websites for you.

Stay with me till the end!

So, there are many fake websites for data entry work but some legit websites are also quite good at this industry. If you have fast fingers on your keyboard then you deserve a good amount to make money online. Hope you check out the below-given websites which will help you to make money,

Categories under Data Entry and Typing Jobs

Being a fast typist is fine but being fast and smart also matters. So, it’s better to know the different types of Typing Jobs so that each typer can get his or her accurate zone for Online Typing Jobs.

Here are some types of data entry services:

Types of Online Typing Jobs, Data Entry
  1. Data Entry
  2. Product Data Entry
  3. Accounting Data Entry
  4. Manual Data Entry
  5. Handwritten Data Entry
  6. Advanced technology
  7. Data Capturing and Entering
  8. Online Data Entry
  9. Offline Data Entry
  10. Data Mining and Data Entry
  11. Insurance Claims Data Entry
  12. Remote Data Entry
  13. Numeric and Text Data Entry
  14. Mailing List Compilation
  15. Database Data Entry
  16. Logistics Data Entry

So, hope you all are clear with the infographics. Now let me explain each of them.

So, amongst the top 16 mentioned types of Online Typing Jobs, you must have got a rough sketch about it.

If you want to know about each term which I’ve mentioned above in the infographics and the bullet list then check this out: Types of Data Entry.

How to find real & legit typing jobs free online?

As on the internet, there are lots of websites that are fake and pays nothing. So I’ll be telling you some websites which are renowned and will definitely pay you.

And yes, there are websites on the internet which has a threshold of paying which will be next to impossible and you’ll just be fooled. So make sure to get your typing skills paid online.

So, here are some legit websites for online typing jobs:


Upwork is one of the best websites for data entry. I think 5 months back or last year one of my friends wanted to get some article written it was a data entry job and he first headed over towards Upwork.

And trust me guys there are many people like my friend who first heads towards Upwork for any kind of work.

If I talk about me then I also always hop on Upwork and post jobs.

So make sure you make your account on Upwork. Have a good portfolio and definitely you’ll also get jobs!


Again an amazing platform that will help you a lot to make money and if you be a level 2 or level 3 seller, you’ll make a huge profit out of it. As I said if you be a higher level service provider then you’ll get a high payout for a single order.

But first, you’ll need to work desperately in the beginning stages. So, Fiverr is a good option if you are in a search of Online Typing Jobs.

I also prefer this, a great go-to option and if you go here, you definaterly make a good money.

I have seen people growing from scratch to hero!

Create Your First Gig and there you go!

People per Hour

A trusted and genuine website. A good place for both freelancers and customers. Here you can find talented freelancers with good service delivery. As a freelancer for typing jobs, you need to sign up as a freelancer.

Here your project are hourly. A good market place as I said before for freelancers.

Releted Post: Craigslist Alternative to make money online.

A market place to start as a beginner and most of the websites on the web will suggest you about this website. This is really a huge platform and quite similar to Upwork.

Also can go for this!


A perfect site. Easy interface, you can be a freelancer here by posting your services. Not more to say about this website quite similar to other freelancing sites.

So, these were the only sites which I recommend

And many more websites like Guru, Captcha2, indeed are also great.

Test for Typing Jobs while Signing Up.

While after signing up, these data entry websites will ask and examine you. So always be prepared on your table with your fast typing speed. And they also check your grammar skills. You must be good at grammar too.

While most of the people are unable to clear the test and they get depressed. I’ve been in this situation and I was also failed at that time.

My only good advice to you would be that be prepared and sharpen your typing skills each day. Focus on your grammar and knowing all these then only proceed for the examination.

Coming towards the end


Instead of knowing 100 online typing jobs (sites) its better to know one at least 10 legit, real and working websites that would pay you. I have mentioned them above.

As finding data entry jobs online is quite a difficult job as there are many websites on the internet that are a fraud and pays nothing. Just be clever and have good research before working with any website that you are willing to.

Hope that you have been cleared with the online typing jobs”. Best of luck!

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