Best Online Jobs for College Students to earn money online.

Are you a College student? And do you want to make money online? Well, you have landed at the right place. Let me tell you that as a student if you work offline for money then it can disturb your schedule and therefore the only option left is online. And there are multiple online jobs for college students. And as a student making money online is a wise thought. Best “online jobs for college students” ideas are listed below.

While there are many reasons as a student to have money. There are some students who are not affordable for the schoolings and there are also different types of students who work hard online just to make money which will help their lifestyle and personality.

online jobs for college students

As hard work compared to offline work, the online work is the same but play it wisely.

Each student needs the money and some students for money also work in a restaurant, bars and many more. I mean literally, we are in the generation of the internet. And still, students are spending hours working physically just for money.

The same money can be aquired through Internet and that too without disturbing our schoolings.

So, the main motive of mine is that please get into the evolved generation and start working online as a college student.

In the online field, the only requirement is some basic skills and that’s it. Later on, you can go brushing up your skills.

Here I'm personally listing some working and best online jobs for college students.

Here are the top online jobs for college students.

Best Online Jobs For College Students

#1. Resume Writer

While those who don’t know the meaning of resume just let me tell you about it.

A resume is a written compilation of your education, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments. When you go out for Job research the must thing that you need is a resume, because it contains a summary of your past which helps in showing your success and experience.

While if you are expert in writing resumes then you should make it as a part-time profitable online job. Stand out different and come up with your own unique templates so that you get a good return.

These are some best websites which will give you good income as a Resume Writer.

#2. Search Engine Evaluator

Basically this term was often new for me but when I came to know about it, really it was very intresting.

As we all know that search engines are run by complicated algorithms. As to verify the correct information on the web for a particular term search engine evaluators work to see whether the top results are relevant to the search query, appropriate and scammy.

These jobs cannot be done by the machines and hence the online workers are hence needed to search engine. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more search engines have search engine evaluators.

Here the workers have to evaluate a lot of data and analyze the results and submit them. So, I’m listing some legitimate websites for Search Engine Evaluators.

#3. Graphic design

What can a graphic designer do? A lot I mean he can make applications, websites, posters, business logos, advertisements, etc. While they use their Computer software, hands to develop a graphical design.

The amount paid to you is a good amount and you can earn a lot of money just being a graphic designer. This job really has high demand now and there are many opportunities there.

Check out these online Graphic desining jobs.

#4. Video editing

If you are a pro video editor and you have got your video editing skills polished then should go online and get paid for video editing service.

Online jobs for college students to make money

While in the video editing market there’s still a good demand of video editors and the only thing that a video editor requires is a strong laptop with a good video editor. , hard drive and a pair of headphones.

The Laptop works better because if you are traveling and all then Laptop is very useful. While the good desk with a big screen and high-end CPU with huge Speakers is not essential.

Top freelancing websites for video Editors.

#5. Social Media Manager

If you are looking forward to being a Social Media Manager then have few things clear now. If you be a Social Media Manager then you need to manage all the social media profiles of a particular brand and managing them wisely.

There are important things that you need to know as a Social Media Manager. Have good knowledge in Social Media SEO, Experience in Advertising, Seo and content marketing, An aptitude for writing, Graphic Production.

So as a student be a bit conscious about your skills and then apply for these types of jobs online. And yes there’s still a lot of scope in Social Media Manager, just be an experienced Social Media Manager.

#6. Take Survey

While there are a lot of survey websites on the web but also there are some scammy websites too. So, beware and about it. And filling surveys is really a better way to earn ample amount of money each month for a student.

Read about: Expectations and reality of Survey websites

Filling surveys, Answering the right and wrong and many more are good online jobs for college students

While you can get paid a good amount for online surveys just if you daily be active and keep filling forms and taking surveys. There are authentic websites which pay you the good amount after you reach their threshold.

#7. Fiverr

Im having a good experience with this website and this is a very common, genuine, organic website which pays you minimum $5 per order.

If you are having any skill related which can be served online then Fiverr is the best platform. This is a freelancing website whose user interface is quite easy.

For college students, this is the best freelancing website. All online jobs for college students can be done here.

Here you have to create gigs and sell it out. If you want to know about gigs, how to create a Fiverr gig, how to rank it and how to get more sales then you can check out this post, Best guide for Fiverr.

#8. Test Apps and websites

Being a tester is somewhat like a reviewer. This is a kind of job where you have to just give your thoughts, advice. These jobs are really good and hardly reviewing an app or a website would take 5-25 minutes.

All you need is good internet, PC/Laptop, fluent English and that’s it. You get paid up to $10 for per review.

Again I would like to tell you that this job needs patience. It takes time to reach the threshold but these websites really do pays. If you are a college student then you should give it a try for these websites.

#9. Freelancing

Again a good option for students. As a student, there might be at least one skill in you, which can be digitally served as a service.

If you have any one skill you can earn a lot from these freelancing websites as a student. If you are having any skill first go and signup with freelancing sites like Fiverr and Freelancer. You can there earn money upon per order.

The jobs like data entry, transcription, translation, graphics designing, video editing and many more can be presented by your side as a service to get paid.

Best websites for freelancers.

Being a freelancer is the best way and there are many freelancing websites which provide online jobs for college students.

#10. YouTube

It’s a great idea to start a YouTube Channel as a college boy for money. But I never consider YouTube as a Job indeed it’s a work where we can utilize our precious time and come up with content which is loved by you.

But when you grow at a point you have to take it as a Job. Keeping all this apart as a college student you need to start YouTube so that it can generate a few bucks.

As you come in the world of YouTube as a creator you need to keep the consistency of your videos with quality and good knowledge. But if you have a talent or any knowledgable mind then and only try to come in this field. Because coming here just for money will give you nothing.

So be a wise and clever YouTuber. And yes if you are starting a new YouTube Channel, then the creator is always under a pressure of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. While I’ve literally written a whole guide on How to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in 2020. (You must check it out)

#11. Data Entry

As a student, we all know that most of the online jobs require qualification and all. So the best option which comes out is Data Entry. I as a student would recommend that you all should try to do this job. Because these types of jobs are easy and profitable.

Online jobs for college students

In this type of jobs you just need to type whatever you are given, and that can be given in the form of audio or in another language. These are called transcription and translation.

All you is the speed of 60 words per minute (60 W.P.M), internet connection, PC and to read English. Here are the best websites for data entry online jobs for college students. Upwork and Fiverr.

#12. Online Tutor

A good option to make money online. Being an Online Tutor is a great option to earn money as a student but if you are interested in teaching then only you should opt for this option.

While if you ask me what are the requirements to be an online tutor? There are some websites, where if you sign up as a teacher you have to submit your resume, teaching experience, and education certificates.

There are many other ways to get approved as an Online Tutor. But the approving systems are dependent on the online tutoring websites.

Best websites for you to get sign-up and start your Online Tutoring job so that you get paid online as a student.

#13. Earn from Google

While did you knew that you can also earn money through google? Yes, definitely there are many ways where you can earn money from Google.

If you make an Application and publish it in the Google play-store then Google will show their advertisement in your application and as the users click on those advertisements you get paid. So, the service from which Google pays in the applications is known as AdMob.

As AdMob is a Mobile Monetizing company same we have for websites too. And that is Adsense.

I’ve listed some more ways to earn money from Google here, hope you like: it Best ways to make money from Google.

#14. Web developer

If you are a programmer and now you want to work as a freelancer in web developing then you must know your programming language quite well. So you should be familiar with Java, Python, CSS, JavaScript, C++, PHP, C Language.

As there’s a huge competition you should know that being a web developer is quite hard. But if you have good practical knowledge and a clever programmer then you should be a freelancer for web development.

The freelancing websites for web developers are Fiverr, Upwork and CloudPeeps

If you want to improve your programming skills then check this out: Best Computer Programming tips.

#15. Blogging

Blogging is the best and you should try it. But the thing is that you have to invest a little bit that is $43. While a year back I too was searching for “online jobs for college students” and then I came to know about blogging and then I started my online job as a college student.

While the only thing you require in blogging is to take a domain and a hosting (If you want to blog on WordPress) or else Blogger and start writing about your knowledge or niche in which you are interested in and here you are done.

The thing that you need to know is, get to know about SEO in detail and after writing up to 20 posts you can get your website monetized and earn money.

While there are many students who want to earn money per month but I’m sorry to say, “Blogging needs time to grow and earn” so if you are looking for better online money making ideas within a month then better go for any ideas from above 14

Few words for college students:

See, I was also a student before starting blogging and now I’m very happy with it. I just wanted to say that please don’t leave a job once you have started, fight till the end and achieve your goal.

How to double your income? Set a clear mind to earn money online and earn money. If you are a student and want to earn more than you want then watch this.

Video Credits: Team Fearless
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One more smart tip is that always have more than one job on your PC. Self-discipline requires hard work. So you have to be strict with yourself to earn money online as a student.


Always be active and do any job with whole dedication. You must be working on more than 1 ideas to make money online as a student.

I would like to say you that please before working on any third party websites, always check whether its legit or not.

Try to give at least 2 hours for your online job. Make best out of yours and be positive. My best wishes are with you and best of luck. So these were the best online jobs for college students. Hope you all have liked it. Comment your opinions below.

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