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Last night I was browsing for best typing jobs, making money online just by data entry and all. Then I came across the phrase “online earn money by typing” which was searched a number of times on the web in India. Where I have already written a dedicated post for Online Typing Jobs. Where I’ve explained 13 different data entry jobs with an infographic and many more.

Basically people are trying to get JOBS online which pays them on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. But the only condition here is that where to find these types of Typing Jobs which make good money?

Almost we all have access to the internet especially in India a rapid growth of users has been seen in the past years. There are people who use the Internet for entertainment, knowledge and more. Few people still exist who love to work online from home and make money.

And the easiest way to earn is Data Entry, where your fingers run on the keyboard. Typing Jobs are easy but the difficult part is where to find the Legit sites on the web?

Earn money online without investment by typing in India

See the below mention methods will help you to make good money, no doubt! You’ll not be investing a single rupee for these methods.

These are popular and easy methods which may help you to make money online. It’s my duty to help you but there should be an initiative of yours towards it so that you’ll be able to earn money. Making money online is not a big deal just get into a topic and focus on that for a few months and then watch you’ll definitely earn money.

Follow these methods online to earn money by typing.

So now I’m mentioning a few popular sites for you so that you can go there and make your account and make money.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr, one of the best site for freelancing. You can start giving your service of Typing/Data Entry here. Make your profile good which will help you to get more orders.

Watch this Video : )

Though in many last articles I’ve mentioned this site and the only reason is that It’s legit, working, good for beginners and many more. My friend makes good money from Fiverr. Once you are a level 2 seller you can increase your price of the gig and make an ample amount of money.

An example gig for you from Fiverr, for Copy Paste Work.

Copy Paste Data Entry Fiverr Gig
Copy Paste Data Entry Fiverr Gig

The only purpose of showing this gig screenshot is to show you the earning potential through Fiverr.


2. UpWork


If anybody asks me which is the best Fiverr Alternative, the only most frequent answer is Upwork. Upwork is a good site to start with and make money. Let me be frank now, see it’s easy to become a seller on Fiverr and quite difficult to get a seller account on Upwork.

I have a few gigs on Fiverr which I created back in 2018 for logo designing but then later I deleted it and when I went towards Upwork with the same service, then I literally was not able to do that.

As a beginner Fiverr is quite good for you.


3. People Per Hour

People per hour is satisfying. You can list your data entry jobs here and earn money. People per hour has a huge marketplace online and is one of the best top freelancing sites. There’s nothing more to discuss this site.


4. Truelancer

Quite similar to Upwork and a good site to rely on. I’ve never used this site but I’ve heard that the work done over here is of supreme quality.

A friend of mine on Facebook has used this site not as a seller but as a buyer for some theme development and all. There he got his website designed nicely and perfectly how he wanted. The quality of sellers here is Supreme.


5. Freelancer

This site has many cons and I’ve read many negative reviews on Quora. Basically all the reviews said that the Freelancer payment system is not good compared to other freelancing sites. But then, this was just a recommendation to you but I don’t prefer this site if you are beginner better to go with Fiverr/Upwork.

Go for Toptal, Indeed, Guru, 99designs rather than


Earn money online without investment by typing in India with the help of these sites. All these sites work well in India and you can list your jobs here.

There are many topics which lay under Data Entry, You can much money from any of this Data Entry Jobs.

Data Entry Infographics
Data Entry Infographics

As Data Entry is one of the Simplest typing jobs out there digitally you must go and learn these skills and start increasing your pocket money.

What do you need to Earn Money Online by Typing?

There are few things which you need to Improve if you want to make money via typing.

  • Typing Speed 40-60 Words Per Minute (WPM)
  • Fast frequency to work.
  • Complete the given online order prior then the submission date, so that you can complete other orders too.
  • You’ll need a Gmail Id, Bank Account, Paypal, Computer/Laptop, MS Word/Excel and an Internet Connection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Typing Jobs Online to make money.

Though there are pros and cons of each thing and the same goes for this topic. I’m not hiding even a single thing from you, being frank…


  • You can make a good income online just from home. It can be a student, mom, jobless people, and anyone.
  • No Investment.
  • No Special Skills Required.
  • Work from home opportunities.
  • Daily Earning Potential.


  • Fast Typing required. (Minimum 35 WPM)
  • Good English and Grammar.
  • Time-consuming Work.


All I want to say the best of luck for your journey. Now, see all the 5 sites are good to go with but I’ll personally recommend you to go with Fiverr and make your gig. Then do Fiverr SEO so that your gig ranks at the top and generate sells.

This is my humble request that please don’t trust any fake website. First, know their History and then decide to work with them.

I hope that the topic “online earn money by typing” is cleared and now you might be clear about what steps to take or not and from which site to start with.

If still there’s any doubt in your head, then drop a comment and I’ll reply it for sure.

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