Make Money Playing Games Online. Real ways to Earn from Video Games.

A few years back I never knew that we can make money just by playing games online. But now the gaming market has changed and Gaming business has immensely changed where each department in this gaming business makes money. Here’s a guide for you’ll to make money playing games.

Can you make real money playing games? Of course, why not! I mean not everyone can make money but the one who has skills can definitely make by playing these games on computer or androids/ios.

But let me tell you a thing that if you are thinking,’Playing games online will make me millions in future’ then you are wrong. I mean you can but in the starting stage, you must take it as a part-time online job. But gaming is not that easy that it sounds.

You need to do this with full dedication, consistency so that you start getting results.

But where there is money there is a scam. How to tackle these scams? So, I have also covered these points too, make sure you check those out before you start your gaming career.

Yet playing games online is considered as a bad hobby. Most of the times parents never support us to play games the only perspective that they think is that these games are just for fun and not nothing else.

But if that same thing changes and their child earns good money by playing online games then hardly our parents will refuse to their child to play games.

So, let me tell you the best ways and working ways from where you can showcase your gaming talent and make money playing games online.

Is it possible to make money playing video games?

Yes, there are several ways to make money through video games. But it sounds good and savy that playing games will make you money. There is competition in each field and gaming community also has great competition. And to stand out unique from them is really tough! Think twice.

How to make money playing video games?
How to make money playing video games?

I too love to play games but not much. Games are really addictive and engaging. Even if you play video games as a part-time you can definitely make money out of it.

I too wished to make money through video games but I don’t have a good gaming PC. The only thing that I have a laptop (Not that good) and on that, I blog every week. I wished that I had a gaming PC, hope so in the future! 🙂

Real and working ways to make money through Playing Games

Anybody can play video games but the one who plays the best is been well known. But it doesn’t stop all here, there are still many jobs that can help you if you are really dedicated to gaming.

If you are really serious about making money through playing video games, then just check out these real ways to make real money by playing games.

How to make money by playing video games?

If you are an intense gamer who loves to play games like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, Dota, CS and many more then these below listed will definitely help you to make money.

#1. Gaming Blog

While blogging sounds boring! But wait I shall tell you a thing that you can make better money than youtube (except super chats) just by blogging. Most of the people think that it’s boring and has a lot of typing work and optimization and all.

But wait, if you are really passionate gamer then you should write blogs and make money through it. In fact, it is a great way to earn money through it.

All you need is a domain name, hosting (If blogging on WordPress), SEO knowledge and there you go. If you share amazing tips by publishing awesome content then $300 will be easily generated.

Believe me, Blogging has a good potential to make money online. Just understand and learn it within a month and start your blog.

#2. Twitch

Play games on Twitch and earn real cash.
Play games on Twitch and earn real cash.
Image Credits: Twitch

If you are a gamer or the one who loves to watch other gameplay then you might have heard about twitch and it is preferred as the best platform for gamers.

Most of the gamers on twitch are enjoying this platform and are making good money. And most of them are taking this as a full-time job.

There are more than 2 million unique monthly broadcasters on twitch.

A lot of streamers are there on twitch but the one with best and good gameplay earns the most. There are more other gamers there on twitch but the one who has those killer and savvy gaming skills will get the subscription and hence he’ll start earning.

Stream that game on twitch first in which you play like a pro and scale yourself through that game.

How to make money on twitch? Here are those:

No. Ways to make money on Twitch
#1Ad Revenue

Ad revenue depends on the viewers and hence you are paid according to that. Subscriptions are tough but important.

Next comes bits, and I love this. Bits are basically online currency on twitch. These are basically earned by viewers after watching 30 seconds ads. 100 bits are $1.40. These bits can be donated by the viewers to their favorite viewers. A cheering system for streamers on twitch.

Once you get good subscription base you’ll sure get paid and to increase these subscriptions you can start publishing your best gameplays as a trailer on youtube and from there you can bring traffic and gain more subscriptions. Use this method you’ll really get profited.

Donations are really helpful for a streamer. It doesn’t require any subscriptions or anything. Just enable the donation button and make money.

Just for the sake of money, don’t start streaming on twitch, first determine your passion and then take a smart step. Who knows that you can be better in another field? Don’t run behind money, take a good decision and start doing what you love and that can be get paid in the digital world.

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#3. YouTube

Do you know these gamers? Markiplier, PewDiePie, Dynamo Gaming, Carryislive, MortaL?

Well, these are the most popular gamers who are loved by the audience a lot.

Just go and create a channel on YouTube and start streaming. In the initial stages, it’ll be hard to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time, but I have a solution for that.

Here’s it: Get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time easily.

Just create engaging content and keep entertaining your subscribers. You’ll earn!

YouTube is the best place to showcase your gaming skills. Just stream your gaming live by creating engaging content and entertainment.

There are a couple of more ways to earn through YouTube gaming:

No. Ways to make money through YouTube Gaming.
#1Ad revenue
#3Affiliate Links

Ad revenue will not be generated between the live streams after the stream is over and once your subscribers watch your old streaming video, there the ads will run and you can earn from it.

The foremost best way to make money for a gamer on youtube is ‘super chat‘. During the live stream is going on viewers can give any amount of money and text with that amount. The viewer can ask, cheer, praise the streamer by super chats.

If you really have a good following you can add your gaming gear’s affiliate link in the description box and earn a commission on each sale.

The #4 option will only work if you have a good fan following. Once you have a good fan following you can launch your merchandise and add the link of your merch in the description box. Your fans will buy if they really love you.

That was it for making money via playing games on Youtube.

Other real ways to make real cash as a Gammer.

Here are some more ways to make real money by playing games. Other than playing those battle royale and all that try making money by these simple games.

You’ll earn less in the start but later on, as you complete more games you earn more. And through those earned money you can buy good gears for your gaming setup.

How to make money by playing video games at home? Here are the two ways where you can earn money.

Get paid for Playing Games – FUN!

#1. Swagbucks

I have already discussed this site in my other older articles. This site is legit and genuine which pays. Here you get paid for watching videos, surveys, tasks, shopping, gaming and etc. Basically here you have a gaming option and through this, you can earn money. And the signup bonus in Swagbucks is $10.

#2. Indox Dollars

Indox Dollars is quite similar to Swagbucks and here you can earn money through playing games online. Just signup and start playing games.

This site

Make a career in Video Games

#1. Be a game tester

Every game before launching in the market needs to be tested and for that kind of jobs, you can apply. Most of the gamers or the ones who love gaming are not even aware of these kinds of jobs through which they can get paid.

Game Beta tester, make real money playing games

Game testing jobs includes testing games compatibility on different operating systems, bugs and errors. The game has to be tested in each and every aspect so that it goes well in the market.

#2. Become Video game developer

If you are really good at codding and programming languages you should give it a try to be a video game developer.

At first, try to start making games for smartphones and then slowly when you go well with these games you can make more good games for any operating system.

To be a video game developer is vice choice and once your games start going well in the market you can earn huge money.

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#3. Gaming Customer Service

Are you good at gaming consultancy? If yes then give a shot for gaming customer service.

If you have a good experience in gaming and know all the basics the game you can help people out and make good money.

For applying these type of jobs you must contact the gaming management team. And do these jobs from home. Just work for gaming companies and make money online through this method.

Give a shot for this, who knows this can make a living for you!

I wanted to make money playing video games at home but…

Games which I used to play.

A few months back I was really addicted to the games like Apex legends and PUBG. But I had a laptop with poor configuration which never supported these games. And there were no ways for me to play games.

Later on, I found a gaming zone near my house. I and my friends started going there. For 1 hour they charged me 50 rupees ($0.8 approx) and I used to sit for at least 2 hours which cost 100 rupees ($1.50 approx) each day.

I was enjoying it and I wanted to live stream my gameplay on YouTube but I was unable to do that. But then too for fun, I played in that gaming zone. I was not that good in the games but still, I wanted to stream.

Then I started realizing that after wasting my time over there I was procrastinating my articles and all my work on my websites were increasing day by day. After all, I stopped going over there and focused on my work.

It was my dream to start a YouTube channel and stream gameplays but I was not able to do that. And I still love to play games. In the future, I’ll get gaming set up for me through my online earning and will definitely play and stream these games.


These were the genuine methods for a gamer to make money via playing games. There are many more ways online but most of them are a scam and never heard or legit. I added my whole efforts and brought this for you.

If you are reading this and you think that if anyone of this technique will work, then go for it or else share this with your gaming buddy. If you have any more ideas left related to ‘money through video games‘ in your mind then add them in the comment box down. Leave your feedback below!

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