How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything – Best Ideas.

Is it really that difficult to make money online and that too without investment? No, not at all. It’s not all about money to invest it’s all about the experience. While there are many ways to make money online without paying a cent. I have the list of best legitimate ways to Make Money Online without paying anything. Check it out it’s write down.

Scrolling the Facebook feed, stalking others on Instagram and busy in your WhatsApp chats for day and night is really waste of time. Instead, I’ve come up with the best ideas for you to make money. Hope you implement this and I’m dam sure that you’ll make good money out of it.

As we all love to spend money on burgers, pizzas, stylish clothes and snickers but…. Where will you get the money to buy all these? I agree that you’ll take money from your parents, but till what time you’ll be solely dependent on them? Where is your money? Where is your income?

See, money matters a lot and I am a student (kid). And I have very good knowledge of all these because I read books based on entrepreneurship, money management and many more. As a Bookaholic I would like to suggest you this book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

See, all of us are not born with a silver spoon so not all of us can invest in this online market. But there are many possible ways to make money without paying anything.

Whether you are a kid, student, housewife or an employer the below-given information will help you a lot. So, just have a look towards this.

Here are some best Possible ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything.

#1. Article Writing

This is a freelancing type of job which pays out a good value. There are people in the market who charge a big amount for just 1000 words articles.

While article writing jobs are the jobs to work from home and these kinds of jobs fall under the freelancing jobs. As freelancing jobs have many more categories besides article writing

Whether you are a content creator, copywriter, editor, creative writer or anything in between, the below-listed websites will make a good amount of money for you. These are legit websites which will pay you.

make money online without paying anything, zero investments

#2. Blogging

While blogging is a good way to make money. But can you make money without paying anything through blogging? While it is possible!

If you create your website on blogger then without paying anything you can make money online. Go with the subdomain of Blogspot and create your website for free.

Then by posting an ample amount of posts which are SEO friendly get your Adsense approved on your website with the subdomain.

Once you get monetized, start to publish great content which is optimized. And further, as your articles start ranking on google simultaneously your sites traffic value will also increase. As much you get the visitors the more you’ll make money.

And if practically you think this option, it is applicable and you can make money out of this. Have a strong belief and consistency in your work. You’ll definitely make money.

And further you can make money by just writing a single sponsored post on your website. Believe me this has a great potential and you will make a good money out of it.

You just need a 18+ gmail id and there you go.

#3. YouTube Channel

The most effective, simple way to make money. Among all the listings I would like you to tell that you should go for this.

I mean seriously this is the best way to make money. You can’t imagine how much you can earn from YouTube. You’ll face a struggle in the starting phase to get those 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. But if your content has quality and power then these stats are quite easy to break.

While I have the best strategy to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. Apply this strategy and get your channel monetized. Check it out:

The secret strategy to crack 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.

And as your channel grows you can make money through promotions, sponsorships and many more. You can also review products on your channel and get a good amount of money by sharing the products affiliate link in the description.

YouTube is a great platform to make money. And if you are thinking that how to get a professional camera and all to make videos? How to edit videos? I have a solution for that too.

Look you must be having a smartphone, start with that and later on when you start getting an ample amount of money through your channel get a camera for yourself. Best of luck for your YouTube Journey. [Always do proper SEO for your YouTube videos so that your videos ranks for the term you want it to rank for.]

Video Credits: Brian Dean
Source: YouTube

Have a 18+ gmail and go for it.

#4. Sell used Items

All those things which can be sell by your side you can sell those items and make money without paying anything. But you do need to sell the essential things that you have at home to make money.

I just want you to be sell out those items which can make you money and you should only sell those things which you don’t require. I just wanted to aware you about this.

Here are some websites which will help you to sell old stuffs:

#5. Pinterest

There’s a lot to do with Pinterest too. Don’t only see it in a form of social media but through Pinterest, you can increase your sales and make more money through it.

There are many ways to make money through Pinterest. Some of the most common are as follows:

  • Generating more sales. (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Redirecting your traffic to your website.
  • Use those traffic to increase your followers, subscriber and many more.

I mean there’s many more to do with Pinterest traffic. It all depends on you, how to use it. I myself have experienced this. The only thing you require here is how you utilize your brain to get traffic in your online business.

Video Credits: Anastasia Blogger
Source: YouTube

#6. Teach and earn

Teach online and earn money no investment.

If you have teaching skills and you are dedicated to teaching others then it’s a good program to make money online through teaching. Rather as here you need not need to spend a cent I mean here you can make money online without paying anything.

I mean there are several ways to make money online through teaching. You can teach people through writing articles that are starting a website and I have already explained the free blogging method above. And by monetizing your content you can make money.

By selling an e-book, launching a course on Udemy, Making videos on YouTube and many more. While I’ve already explained to you about YouTube in the above portion, so make sure you check out those tips get to earn money.

Online tutoring can also help you to make money online through teaching. You have to apply for these online tutoring jobs to be as a tutor. The tutoring organization will test you.

While there are many fake websites on the internet for tutoring jobs. Here I’m listing the working and the genuine websites:

#7. Typing Jobs


A great opportunity for the typers to make money online. Typing jobs are also one of the categories that fall under Freelancing.

If your fingers are quite quick and they have a good speed then these typing jobs will definitely make you money.

While Typing Jobs require good experience and the WPM should be at least 60. For working as a typist to make money online without paying anything is easy and it all depends on WPM (Words Per Minute)

As Typing Jobs is a form Data Entry, you have to be quite aware of the legit websites which will pay you. Contrarily there are some websites which are scammy.

To understand all about Data Entry and Typing Jobs you have to go through the below-given article. I’ve listed the best websites that will definitely pay you for Data Entry.

#8. Make Money with Google

While the best, safe and secure way to make money is to make money with google. As it is considered as the most trusted and genuine way there are lots of ways to make money through this method.

As here the amount you’ll be earning is seamless, you should go for these jobs. Google has tremendous potential and my primary income is itself from one of the Google programs.

While there are some Google programs which will require investment but also there are some programs by Google where you can make money online without paying anything.

Here I’ve listed all the programs by Google from where you can make out good money. My foremost and best way of income is listed here.

#9. Micro Jobs

While these are those type of jobs which will make money for you for a short period of time and will not make a passive income.

These types of jobs temporary based and the return money value for these type is all dependent on the work. While micro jobs don’t have much to pay. The payment is instant and most of the people do these micro jobs to increase their monthly wages

These are some websites which will help you to make some extra money through micro jobs:

#10. Write Content

Content writing is basically providing a particular content to a website. The content should be relevant where proper SEO should be done.

Basically, the ones who are professional in this field have great knowledge about writing and publishing articles. Being a content writer for other’s website, company or any organization is beneficial to make money online without paying anything.

Nowadays many companies are in search of content writers and if you have good skills for writing content with proper SEO then you will be able to make money online.

Here your skills need to be the best. You should be your best version.

The writing style, title, paragraph, flow and many more. You can get a good amount of money only when your content has that much power.

#11. Freelancing

If you have any skill that can be provided online, then freelancing is the best option out there for you. Freelancing also has a great potential to make good money online and that too without paying anything.

The jobs like data entry, transcription, translation, graphics designing, video editing and many more can be done by you as a Freelancing Jobs.

While there is a lot more in Freelancing jobs for you. I mean there are many more sub categories under freelancing. Show your skill and get paid for that. I’ve seen my friends who are doing quite well in freelancing.

Here are best websites for you:

#12. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to make money online without paying anything is Affiliate Marketing. And believe me that Affiliate Marketing has the most power to make money. Here you can make a lot of money which you can’t even think. You might have got to know about what I’m trying to say at least.

You need no money to invest here, it’s totally zero investment. But if you are using SEO to generate sales then you’ll have to invest in your website.

For no investment, all you need is a huge massive audience, fanbase or anything from where you can get people to make sales. Even if you have lots of WhatsApp contacts Affiliate Marketing will work.

Just you need to share a products link to a platform where you have a huge audience. And as people buy products from your given link, you’ll get a commission. The easiest job and that too without paying anything.

You must watch this video it’s in English and I’m dam sure that if you don’t know anything about affiliate Marketing you’ll get to know about it.

Video Credits: Ankur Aggarwal
Source: YouTube

Make Money online without paying anything: Be Aware of the Scammy world.

In the online world, the scams are always there and these scams will always try to rob your money from your hard work. They get their work completed by you and they will not pay you.

There are many ways from which you can be scammed, here are some ways:

  • Click on links or attachments in emails.  (Email Scamming)
  • Survey websites scams.
  • Suspicious texts, pop-up windows.
  • SMS scam.
  • Any Online Support Scams.
  • Lottery Scams.
  • Bank loans or credit card scams.
  • Make fast money scams.

I have experienced this scam. Once I had installed an application on my uncle’s phone for making $10. It was a kind of micro jobs that I was doing. And the only thing that I needed to do is to click on adds and wait for 30 seconds. I did so for a week but I didn’t even earn a cent.

Read this: Fake Survey websites: Expectations vs Realty.

And I was misled by a YouTube video which showed me the payment proof but I was fooled. Not only this but also I have received some spam emails which were offering me online jobs. But I was never scammed in such a manner where I’hv lost my money.

Just avoid scammers and be safe!

Small Story of Mine towards Making Money Online Without Investment.

I had started blogging a year back and that too without investment. I took a free sub-domain from and I started my journey of blogging from there.

And I started posting weekly articles on my blog for up to 6-7 months I’ve been consistently posting articles on articles that were actually not that good and now I’ve deleted them. At that time I was not knowing SEO, on-page, off-page and nothing.

Slowly, later on, I shifted on WordPress and learned SEO and now I’m doing good SEO and better articles.

While in the online world I came with the thought that I will start to make money with zero investment, but when I came to know all about it I was totally wrong and at last I invested. As a student, it was a tough job to convince my parents but somehow I did it.

But my main motive was that if you are coming in the field of blogging make sure you have a good and decent amount of knowledge to start.

I shouldn’t say this but guys I don’t think so that you can make money online without investment in blogging. Because here you have to spend money on a domain, hosting, and tools.


While a year back I used to use WhatsApp, Facebook, Games and Instagram day and night but now as I stepped myself in blogging my average duration on Social Media has drastically fallen down.

I just want you’ll (who are reading this to make money) that please don’t waste your time on Social Media instead try to make your own life a better one.

Believe me that if you are desperate to make money online without paying anything then you must know that in the initial days you’ll need to overdrive yourself a lot. In the initial period, you’ll get a lot of experience and that experience will only help you to make money online without paying anything.

But I started my online career with blogging, which didn’t work for me for the starting period of time. If you feel to start making money without paying anything then you should go for freelancing websites which has an amazing market to make money.

Best of luck for your journey to make money online without paying anything.

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