How to Make Money on SoundCloud? Earn from your Music streams.

Have you ever used SoundCloud? I have used it and I love to use it. Basically, I use it for listening to podcasts and songs. The quality of sound which I get on SoundCloud is premium which I probably don’t get anywhere online for free except Spotify. There are artists, labels, bands, creators, podcaster, and beatmakers on this platform who make good money out of their audio. Do you want to know how to make money on SoundCloud?

There are other people too who upload audios on SoundCloud and want to get paid by SoundCloud. But when I Googled “how to make money on SoundCloud” google threw me 55,500 results in just 0.70 seconds. There were results which were good but non of them gave a straight forward and easy steps towards making money on SoundCloud, which you’ll be getting it here. So, read this and start earning on SoundCloud.

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How to Make Money on SoundCloud?

Make Money From SoundCloud
Make Money From SoundCloud

There are a few steps and Important things that are essential to make money on SoundCloud in 2019 and 2020. If you follow the steps mentioned below, you’ll definitely earn money. There are some necessary things to know before SoundCloud Monetization and here are they.

Step-by-Step to Make Money on SoundCloud

It’s been more than 5 years for SoundCloud releasing monetizations and lots of artists around the globe are been getting paid and If you are willing to earn money and get a good fanbase on SoundCloud. Make sure you follow all the steps that I’ve mentioned below.

1. Get a Premier Account

See we all know that the things that occur free are not sustainable for a long time. So it’ll be better if you go for paid. See that in the basic plan you’ll not get more freedom compared to the Premium SoundCloud account. The free plan gives you only 180 minutes upload time and the Premium SoundCloud account will give you unlimited time and many more.

I’m not forcing you all to go and purchase the premium plan, but I just wanna say that you cannot make money on SoundCloud without a Premium Account. Here are the reasons why you cannot make money on SoundCloud without a premium account:

  • If you are an artist, rapper, label, band, creator, podcaster or beatmaker then I’m sure that 180 minutes will not satisfy you.
  • As you start growing on SoundCloud your likes and fanbase will increase and I’m dam sure that you’ll upload more and more audios.
  • Therefore you’ll exceed the upload time limit (180 minutes) and you’ll need more upload time.
SoundCloud Basic vs Premium
(Screenshot) Image: SoundCloud

If you are wise enough then I’m sure that you’ll go for the Premium SoundCloud account. If you are not an artist nor podcaster, the label then you’ll definitely go for free account only for money. But bro, a free account will not make money for you. Because here the people who earn produce their original content and here is where the ordinary people fail. Why do ordinary people fail in SoundCloud Monetization? Read point 2. Remember this before Monetization

2. Remember this before SoundCloud Monetization

The only thing that I was trying to tell in the first point is that you cannot make money on SoundCloud unless you have a premium account.

Now, remember these things before SoundCloud Monetization:

  • You need a Premium SoundCloud account.
  • All your audio content that you upload on SoundCloud must be yours, and the content must be yours.
  • There should be no copyright strikes on your channel before you enroll in the SoundCloud Monetization.
  • You must have at least 1,000 eligible streams in the past month.
  • All countries are not eligible for SoundCloud Monetization. Only these countries’ artists, labels, bands, creators, podcaster, and beatmakers are eligible. The countries are US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Austria and any other territories designated by SoundCloud as eligible.
  • (Note) Bot streams will not be counted.

That was it, only these countries will be eligible for SoundCloud Monetization. Don’t worry if you are not from these countries. There are many SoundCloud Alternatives where you can make money. So, don’t be depressed!

Earn from SoundCloud

3. The Monetization Process

So, once you have crossed all the things that I’ve mentioned in point no.2 you need to wait for an mail from SoundCloud.

They themselves mail you that if you are eligible or not. And I’m saying this unfailing that if you have organically attained all the eligibilities then you’ll definitely get an mail, believe me!

But, but…

If you don’t receive the mail from SoundCloud for Monetization even when you have achieved all the criteries then you can mail them, and try to tell them to enable your SoundCloud Monetization as you have completed all the eligibilities.

And then you’ll get your mail back “Congratulations you’re eligible for SoundCloud Monetization” either you may also receive an mail for improvements on your profile and after that, you can earn from SoundCloud.

BINGO! Now you can make money on SoundCloud after you practice all the things that I’ve mentioned.

Get paid on SoundCloud
(Screenshot) Image: SoundCloud

How to promote your SoundCloud audios to earn more?

Now here as the only thing is left that get a shoutout from a big artist or start running paid ads on all the Social Media Platforms like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the major zone where your music will work in that particular area, or any social media content.

But you must keep one thing in mind that the music you create must be good and attracting so that people listen to it on loop.

How much will you earn per track?

Now SoundCloud never reveals this but, the number of times your fans stream your tracks the more you’ll earn. And the amount paid to you will vary each month according to the streams as I’ve told you in the previous article.

Now if you ask me that…

How to Monetize a track?

Then I’ll be frank with you. See, I’ve never been into this monetization process, but your answer is well answered here: How to Monetize a track?

You’ll get a detailed answer there. But let me clarify that I’ve written this article after reading a bunch of opinions/answers on Quora and tons of Google results.

I’m trying to say that the article that you are reading is perfect and legit, no scam.

Read the detailed support queries on SoundCloud.

Last Thoughts on Make Money on SoundCloud

I’m sure that the ones who are reading might be artists, labels, bands, creators, podcaster, and beatmakers. Cause they are the ones who want to make money on SoundCloud.

I hope you got what you wanted and I delivered the right Information.

If you have more questions/opinions related to “How to make money on SoundCloud” then make sure that you comment below and let me know. I’ll definitely (100%) solve your doubts/queries.

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