How to make money from Pinterest? These Ideas will increase your Earnings.

How to make money on Pinterest in 2019?

A year back I used to use Pinterest just for the purpose of the motivational quotes. But I never knew that Pinterest would also generate me some money.

The percentage of active users is increasing day by day. Pinterest as a social media is still growing and once you get that Pinterest algorithm you can definitely make you huge money.

The day you come to know about it you’ll be earning. It’s not like other digital platforms that you need a strong experience to make money (like blogging). In fact, know these skills and make start making money.

And all those methods which can lead you to make money on Pinterest are mentioned below. Make sure you have a glance towards those so that you can also make money on Pinterest.

How come you came to know that Pinterest can make you money?

You can drop your answer below in the comment section.

But I personally came to know about it then in the ending months of 2018 and the day I came to know about it, I started working on my pins, boards, and followers.

I as a blogger was watching some SEO tutorials and in the recommendation, I saw ‘Caffeinated Blogger’. The thumbnail was, “???? How To Post on Pinterest & Get 200k Visitors | Create Amazing Pinterest Images”. And I watched that video and from there I came to know about it.

Then the video that told me, ‘how to make money from Pinterest?‘ was this one, check it out.

Video Credits: Caffeinated Blogger.
Source: YouTube

Then after knowing all about the Pinterest pins, earnings I started creating pins on Pinterest. And in this way, I came to know that actually, we can make money from Pinterest.

PINS should be properly optimized.

Basic Knowledge about making money on Pinterest: All this is solely dependent on the optimization of the pin. There is a perfect way to upload your pin so that your pin ranks at the top positions.

Upload an optimized Pin.
Sample Pin which I optimized.

This is one of my pins, and for now, it is ranking on the keyword ‘Instagram Sponsorships’. Not at the top but within a few months it will rank for sure.

So, while uploading a pin make sure of these things:

  • Selecting a perfect keyword.
  • Writing perfect optimized title and description according to that keyword.
  • The ‘Image Pin’ should be outstanding, attractive and catchy.

And that’s it now you can upload pins and drive traffic. To know more about this you can check out the ‘#2. Blogging’ section to get a clear idea

Ranking your Pins on Pinterest plays a very significant role and the above tips will help you to drive a huge traffic

8 Ways to make money from Pinterest step by step.

While there are still lots of people around the globe who are not knowing exactly how to make money from Pinterest. I’ve come up with this detailed article which will definitely give you a clear cut idea and the perfect start to earn.

So, there are several ways to make money through Pinterest. There are a lot of ways but I’m discussing with you those Ideas which really works and are legit.

Make money from Pinterest
Make money from Pinterest

#1. Affiliate Marketing

When someone purchases a product from an affiliate link of yours then you earn the commission of that product. This is Affiliate Marketing.

How to make money on pinterest with amazon?
How to make money on Pinterest with Amazon or Any Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Marketing is known as one of the finest ways to make money online. And affiliate sounds quite easy but the efforts are vigorous.

Back in 2014 and 2015, Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest was commonly practiced and it became extremely popular. Most of the users we observed that they were just adding their affiliate link and generate sales.

And in Feb 2015 Pinterest Banned this method and the ban was again lifted in 2016 by making some rules for affiliate marketing.

How to make money on Pinterest with Amazon?

Affiliate Marketing is done by most of the bloggers and digital marketers and the most common affiliate program used is Amazon. Add an affiliate link attached to your pin can drive huge commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Practiced on Pinterest.
Affiliate Links on Pins.

Affiliate Marketing is a gold mine for every online marketer. If you are new in affiliate marketing then try to make use of Pinterest it will boost your sales.

Here are a few basic steps to start:

  • Write Optimized Description and title.
  • Place keywords wisely.
  • Create an attractive image.
  • For 1 product create 10 pins on the same board. (Watch the above video by Caffeinated Blogger)
  • 1 particular board should be dedicated to a product.

Perfect Guide to make money from Pinterest.

#2. Blogging

If you don’t know SEO and you are quite good at Pinterest pins and marketing then you can easily make money in blogging field.

The number of visitors to your blog is not what you think then try making pins of those particular articles and start getting enormous traffic.

I as a blogger have heard this term a lot of time like boost your traffic 3x by Pinterest, How I got 223933 visitors from Pinterest, get good traffic from Pinterest in a short time and all.

Follow these steps to start getting traffic from Pinterest:

  • Sign up with a business account.
  • Place the keywords related to your niche in:
    • Display name
    • About Your profile
    • Pins and boards
  • Join relevant group boards.
  • Use engaging images.
  • Pin consistently

To read each thing in detail you checkout Ahref’s blog.

See all these needs to be done and none of the above steps are hard and time-consuming except creating catchy and engaging pins.

Signing up with a business account on Pinterest will help you to get your Analytics Overview and this will help you to get better results.

Now after creating your pins you can start posting them by placing proper keywords in your title and description and make sure to use hashtags too.

Now you need some followers. How to get Pinterest followers? Pinterest Followers helps you to increase your monthly viewers and engagement.

How do you gain followers on Pinterest?

Followers Method:)

While if you follow these tips I can ensure you that you can gain approx 10k followers in a month easily.

All you need to do is:

  • Type your niche on Pinterest and instead of pins search for people.
Getting Followers
STEP 1: Search your Niche in category select people
  • Now follow all those people who follow these people.
    • Make sure you follow only 50 people per hour.
Step 2: Pinterest Followers
STEP 2: Follow their Following.
  • Keep doing this process for a month and you’ll see your growth in followers. Keep following as much as you can not more than 50 in an hour and then see the magic. 🙂
  • While before doing this process you need at least 10 boards and 10 pins in each of them. Whether make it yourself or pin others pins and start this game.
  • But later on, you should create your own pins in order to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Pin at least 10 pins a day (it might be of others or made by you), so that whenever a person visits your profile he finds your account active.

This was it to get traffic to your blog from Pinterest. Now how to earn from it?

How to make money on Pinterest with Adsense?

What is Adsense? Adsense is one of the best ad networks to monetize your blog than others.

Process of making money on Pinterest with Adsense:

  • Get traffic to your monetized blog through pins. (All the methods are cleared in the above points)
  • As the visitor clicks on an ad you earn money.

Now it’s not that easy to get traffic from Pinterest. Yes, you’ll get some 2k-3k monthly views and engagements by following the above ‘followers method‘.

But if you follow the method and you start creating pins daily and pinning them in a correct manner then I’m sure that you drive HUGE TRAFFIC.

You can use a tool called Tailwind for Pinterest to get immense ‘rocket-growth’.

Now what for those who don’t do blogging and they still want to make money from Pinterest.

How to make money on Pinterest without a Blog?

The answer is ‘AFFILIATE MARKETING’. Seriously, just attach your affiliate in your pins and create dazzling pins. Keep on doing this consistently and make money from Pinterest.

#4. Pinterest Influencer

Pinterest Influencers are quite likely like Instagram Influencers. Being most popular in pinning, have a huge following and etc.

Related: The Instagram Sponsorships, to make money.

  • Here the brands ask the influencers to pin/repin their pins.
  • Adding their pins to your popular boards.

While doing this Pinterest influencer make good money from Pinterest.

#5. Pinterest Consultant

What is Pinterest Consultant? And how does he make money?

The one who has a lot of experience in this field is the Pinterest Consultant. The one who knows how to rank a pin in the first position on a competitive keyword is the consultant.

Suppose there are 2 companies company A and company B.

Company A is already on Pinterest and that too at first position for a certain Product “xyz”

Now Company B wants to beat that Company A for a product “xyz” and wants to be at a position 1.

So for Company B will make it possible by reaching out Pinterest Consultant. And the Pinterest Consultant can charge Company B for consultancy.

And in this way, interest Consultant can make money from Pinterest.

Experience is the key to success.

#6. Pinterest Virtual Assistance

You can also opt this Pinterest Virtual Assistance Job if are quite good at Pinterest SEO, rankings then you can opt this as a job

While as I have explained in Pinterest Consultancy the same is here, The only difference is that to serve the clients remotely from a home office.

Here too you have a good option to make money.

#7. Sell your own products

Not only affiliate marketing, blogging, Virtual Assistance, Consultancy and etc. will make you money. There are many more ways to make money from Pinterest.

Sell your E-book

You can sell your book for free and can build an amazing email list. And we all know that now in 2019-2020. An email list is one of the powerful weapons of business.

And if you don’t wanna sell your book for free you can also sell it for a decent amount.

Endless possibilities to make money from Pinterest.

The above-mentioned ideas are really good but other than that you have many more ways to make money. The thing is that how smart you think.

What all can we make out of those pins through links?

I mean there are endless ways. Seriously if you start thinking you’ll get those ideas which were never discovered before. I’m not kidding!

When this came in my mind various thoughts came in my mind like:

  • Getting followers to your social media handle.
  • Converting visitors into subscribers for YouTube.
  • Selling out any course, webinar.
  • Hmm… and many more.

So that’s it and yes if you are having a good idea then comment down below so that our readers get benefitted.


When you’ll be quite familiar with Pinterest more ideas will be automatically generated by you itself through that you can make good money.

You can make money if you start today it’s not like you’ll start getting results tomorrow itself. You need to have patience in you. And don’t forget that consistency is also quite important.

Wait wait! How can I forget this, 🙁 If you want to make money from Pinterest from scratch and want some practical videos on it and some Pinterest dark secrets make sure you check out this YouTube channel, “Anastasia Blogger”

Video Credits: Anastasia Blogger
Source: YouTube

She has mindblowing ideas to boost Pinterest Traffic and many more. Make sure you’ll check out her channel. I tried her ways and it worked for me. And it will work for you too.

You can use to make pins. Canva is quite good for making catchy pins.

If you found it helpful make sure you share this article and comment down below.

Which way to make money from Pinterest will you opt?

Suggested 🙂

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