Laptop Cases Asus: 5 Best Cases In 2022 (Review)

Are you looking for means by which you can comfortably and securely transport your Asus laptop while you are traveling? Do you want to protect your Asus laptop from dust? Then it would help if you had a laptop case. 

Laptops are not cheap, and they are an investment that you should protect. Like other forms of investments, you should invest into ensuring that your investment lasts as long as possible. Asus laptop cases are ideal for protecting your laptop while still convenient to carry around, but which Asus laptop cover should you purchase?

I have compiled a list of the top five Asus laptop cases to help you decide which one would be best suited for you. So let’s get to the list of the top 5 laptop cases Asus.

List Of 5 Best Asus Laptop Cases In 2022

Asus laptops are compatible with numerous laptop cases that satisfy various needs. Some are lighter and more convenient, while others are thicker and more stylish. Among the numerous laptop cases compatible with Asus laptops, the following five laptop cases are the best in 2022.

1. ASUS ROG Ranger BP1500 Gaming Laptop Backpack

Are you always on the go? Then this laptop backpack would be perfect for you. It is stylish with a slim design and soft but firm straps for added comfort when traveling. The Asus ROG Ranger laptop backpack has a capacity of 16 liters. You can place your 15.6” laptop into this backpack.

The padded laptop compartment ensures that your device is kept secure at all times. Not only does this laptop backpack offer a secure compartment for your laptop, then but it has another secure compartment for your notebook/tablet. It has also been designed with pockets where you can store your essentials and quickly gain access from the exterior. 

The material used to make this laptop backpack is water-resistant. This means that even if you were to find yourself traveling in the rain, your laptop would be safe from harm. This laptop backpack is highly durable and designed to maximize your comfort with adjustable straps and air pockets at the back that ensure that you are kept cooler while carrying this backpack.

2. Ytonet Laptop Case, 15.6 Inch TSA Laptop Sleeve Water Resistant

The Ytonet laptop sleeve is an elegant and stylish laptop case. It is the ideal case for college or work; it includes a large 15.6-inch laptop compartment and several compartments of assorted sizes for additional use. These compartments can store smaller devices and stationery such as chargers, laptop mice, notebooks, pens, and headsets.

This laptop sleeve has a slim design that gives it a modern touch. It is relatively light and can be used on a day-to-day basis while not being uncomfortable to carry around. The strap design is TSA-friendly. The laptop sleeve includes a zip at the top that gives you easy access to your belongings. 

You can open your sleeve just enough to remove what you need. The zip is sturdy and will not budge, so you can easily adjust how wide you want the opening to be. Not only is this laptop sleeve convenient and stylish, but it is compatible with several laptop brands such as Lenovo, Aspire, Predator, and Acer. 

3. Arvok 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Multi-color & Size Choices Case 

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful. Such is the case with the Arvok laptop sleeve, which is simple but elegant and is available in multiple colors and designs. This laptop sleeve caters to 15.6-inch laptops. It is compatible with several laptop brands such as Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and Sony.

The Arvok laptop sleeve offers premium protection with the thick, water-repellent material that it is made from. The laptop sleeve is light while still thick enough to protect your laptop from bumps, spillage, and scratches. The laptop case has three layers to ensure maximum protection for your laptop.

The slim design makes this laptop sleeve easy to slide into your backpack or briefcase. This laptop sleeve has a zipper at the top of it that is sturdy and slides with ease. It gives you easy access to your belongings. 

4. ProCase 14-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Protective Bag

The ProCase laptop sleeve is a laptop case that can accommodate a 15.6- inch laptop.  This simple and basic laptop case is compatible with various laptop brands such as Asus, Acer, Predator, Lenovo, and Dell. 

The elegant and slim ProCase laptop sleeve is ideal for day-to-day use. It is light, making it easy to carry around, with the comfortable strap built into it. Even though this sleeve has a strap that allows you to use it as your primary case, it is slim enough to fit into your briefcase or backpack easily.  It would be the perfect laptop case for school or work.

This laptop sleeve is made from an environmentally friendly material. The laptop sleeve’s soft but thick material can easily protect your laptop from scratches, dust, and shock. It has an extra compartment on the exterior in which you can place your stationery, headset, and chargers. 

5. V Voova 14 15 15.6 Inch Sleeve Case

If you are looking for a laptop case that is stylish, lightweight, and convenient to use, then The V Voova laptop sleeve is the perfect choice for you. It holds multiple compartments while still being elegantly charming. 

The V Voova laptop sleeve has two straps, a longer one to swing over your shoulder and a shorter one to hold by hand. The velvet design of this laptop case shields your laptop from several sources of damage. The laptop sleeve exterior is made out of water-repellent nylon, while the interior is made out of fleece material. This material combination ensures that your laptop is kept safe from shock, bumps, scratches, spillage, and dust. 

The V Voova laptop case has two exterior pockets that are big enough to house your charger, stationery, headset, and tablets. This laptop case is comfortable while traveling and can be used as it is, or you can easily slide it into your backpack or briefcase.

Types Of Laptop Cases

Now let’s go through the types of laptop cases to get a complete idea and easily differentiate between the laptop cases. This can even help you decide which laptop cover you want, or else you’ll end up choosing the wrong Laptop Case. So let’s know more about the types of Laptop Cases.

Types Of Laptop Cases


Laptop sleeves protect your laptop from scratches, dust, and impact while still having a stylish hint to them. Laptop sleeves can fit into your briefcase or backpack with ease. Some of them come with straps, making it possible for you to use them as a primary transporter for your laptop, but others do not include straps.

Laptop sleeves are the perfect size for your laptop. Some are so simple that they only include a single compartment for your laptop, while others have additional pockets for your charger, stationery, and small devices. 

Shoulder Bag

These bags offer great comfort while transporting your laptop. These are great for those who have to move between classes or commute to work. Shoulder bags are typically large enough and have enough compartments to pack several items that you would require for the day.

They are spacious enough to cater to your charger, notebooks, stationery, other devices, and lunch. 


Backpacks are the ultimate laptop case in terms of convenience. These laptop bags are perfect for students and those who travel. Backpack laptop cases offer great comfort while still being convenient. These laptop cases are not only comfortable and convenient, but they are also stylish.

They allow you to safely secure your laptop while giving you the functionality of regular backpacks. They are spacious with various compartments for your notebooks, chargers, water bottle, lunch, and other devices. Although backpack laptop cases are generally more expensive than the different (types of) laptop cases, it is understandable.

Hard Cases

Hard laptop cases are the crème de la crème (best thing) of laptop cases in terms of protection. When you want ultimate protection for your laptop, I would 100% suggest that you opt for a hard case. A hard case will ultimately protect your laptop from all types of impacts, even a fall.

A hard case will be the perfect choice for you if you work outdoors or for traveling. Hard laptop cases are available in various forms, such as hardcover sleeves and hardcover shoulder cases. The trade-off for the added protection is the weight of your laptop case. 

Hard laptop cases are heavier than other laptop cases, so it would not be ideal for students or frequent commuters because they can become bothersome to carry around. However, if you are entirely drawn by the ultimate protection and are unbothered by the extra weight, then a hard laptop case would be a perfect match for you.


When trying to choose your Asus laptop case, you should consider your needs. All the laptop cases listed above would satisfy different needs. If you travel a lot and find yourself carrying your laptop everywhere, I suggest you opt for the backpack laptop cover. 

Indeed, backpacks are not for everyone, so you can have the same comfort and ease of transportation from the sleeve cases with straps if that is the case. Laptop cases are essential in protecting your laptop so take the time to carefully analyze your needs and choose the perfect laptop case for you.

That was it for this article; I hope that you might have got your laptop case for an Asus laptop. I’ve not added an FAQ section for this post, “Laptop Cases Asus,” but if you have any questions or any query just let me know in the comments. I would love to help you out.

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