How to make money on twitter? The easiest way to Make Money through tweets.

If you are using social media platforms then I’m sure that you must be using twitter too. Did you know that you can also make money with twitter? I too never knew it in the back days. But now I have quite good knowledge of it. Do you want to know how to make money on twitter? I’m listing below some great working tips which will make good money through tweets.

make money online
make money online

Like Twitter, you might have seen most of the tweets which are sponsored and these are paid by the company to an influencer. And other than this if you must have observed that most of the businesses (marketing campaigns) are there on Twitter.

If you know how to do marketing then making money from Twitter will be as easy as a piece of cake.

I can guarantee that if you make money with twitter you can make a career out of it. It is not important to be stardom to make money with twitter. All you need is creativity and passion. And there are few people on twitter who are already doing this.

how to make money on twitter 2019

You might be loving twitter? If yes then the main reason behind is those short little tweets. Everyone cannot put their thoughts in those 280 characters and I think this makes Twitter cooler social media platform. And not only these tweets but I love the explore section the most because I get all the news, reports, tittle-tattle, trends and many more.

Twitter is really one of the most powerful social media platforms. It has great potential. And through this platform, there’s a good opportunity to make money.

Let me come to the main core for which I’m sharing this article. Throughout the article, I’ll be explaining to you how to make money on twitter.

How to make money on Twitter in 2019.

Below I’hv mentioned the best, legit and working 5 ways to make money from Twitter.

How to make money on Twitter sponsored tweets.

How many followers do you need to make money on Twitter?

Most of the people are stating that you at least need this much followers and all and all. But as an, I would like to say that, “The quantity of followers never matters than the loyal, engaging and real followers”.

Wait, it doesn’t end all over here. You must have at least 10k followers. Because whenever you or the brand approaches you they’ll see your number of followers, and your recent tweets. Your recent tweets must have comments, retweets, and likes. Because all these reflect your engaging audience.

In the above statement, I have stated that you at least need 10k followers for brands to get approached. But did you know that the one with fewer followers might also have a good audience! And if the branding company is quite smart then first they will go through the engagements by both of you and then they’ll pitch you.

Coming to the conclusion, I just want to tell you that, be as loyal as you can and never purchase fake followers. Who knows that just being loyal and passionate towards your work can make you next celebrity.

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Tweet and Earn 🙂

How to make money on Twitter through sponsored tweets?

So these are some sites which will help you to make money on twitter through sponsored tweets. Sign up for these sponsored websites and start monetizing your every tweet.

These websites will work for you. These are legit websites to make money through your tweets. You can choose the type of ads which perfectly suites for your followers.

All the names of the sites that I have mentioned above are legit. These sites will make you money through twitter. And here you need good engagement level and followers.

Some of the Sponsored websites pay you for per click. And if at that time you are having fake followers then you’ll not get any clicks and hence you’ll be in a loss. So don’t purchase fake followers.

Coming back to these sponsored tips. And some of the sponsorship providing sites also schedule the time the advertisement that will be tweeted from your account.

That was it for the sponsored tips which will make money for you. Sponsored tweets were one of the methods to make money from twitter but did you know that other than this there are many more ways to earn via twitter.

Make Money by Tweeting.

Quite Easy! Just you need to be perfect in your marketing skills and you need a couple of followers to go with good money on twitter.

While beside sponsored tweets there is much more to make money on twitter. Here is it check it out!

#1 Promote your Blog for Traffic.

Share your articles on Twitter and increase your traffic. Mention people in your tweets and request them to retweet. Use Images and hashtags to get more reach. And believe me, I have done this and got good results in fact.

Let me show you a proof of mine, that how I tweeted and bought 1k+ visitors on my targetted article.

So, long back I wrote an article on Quora about, How PUBG MOBILE make money?

And I created pins related to this topic and published it to Pinterest and I also answered a question on Quora which were quite the same.

Question That I promoted through Tweets.

And then I shared this answer on Twitter by adding relevant hashtags. After a month I got an amazing response. And currently, I have something 6k+ views on that answer.

Tweeted and promoted my content
Tweeted and promoted my content.

I know that this is not good statistics but really twitter boosted my views a lot. And now the views on that answer are 6k+.

Boosted my answer views through Twitter.
Boosted my answer views through Twitter.

I still do this to increase my website’s traffic and it works for me. And if you ask me how to make money on Twitter by this method? Well, I did this for increasing my Quora answer views but you can do the same and target your blogs page.

#2 Affiliate Marketing.

Discover new leads on Twitter. One of the best way to generate sales through social media. Just share your affiliate link and enjoy your commission.

Tweet and Earn via Affiliate Marketting.

Here on Twitter, you can make money through affiliate marketing easily. I suppose you are selling a weight loss product. Then you can go to the search section on Twitter and type ‘weight loss’. You’ll find some recent tweets. Head on to those tweets and reply to them and convert them into your customer. You reply must be short and straight forward so that you generate the sale.

So this was it to make money on twitter through affiliate marketing.

#3 Boost Mail List

You can increase your mail list with your growing audience on Twitter. If you have an engaging audience on twitter you can build a good mail mist out of it.

Suppose I have a website related to ‘weight loss’ and on Twitter, I’ve built my presence on Twitter with a sufficient amount of followers and engaging tweets. And my engaging level on Twitter is superb.

Now I’ll Tweet about the latest e-book that I have published on my blog. ” The Next Big Thing in Weight Loss ” and now I’ll tweet about this on my twitter account with relevant hashtags. As this tweet reaches more people I’ll be able to collect more emails.

If someone clicks on that link and come to my blog, I’ll ask them their mail to get that weight loss e-book. And in this way, I’ll build my Mail list.

And as much people you’ll get the more you’ll build your mail list. But Ramesh in this way how to earn from twitter?

Well, if you know ‘Digital Marketing’ then you might be knowing email marketing too. If not then let me explain you, Just sending an email to your customers. And through this email marketting, you can good money.

#4 Bussiness.

Make an account on Twitter and keep that account of yours as a personal account and then try to generate leads out of it.

Just have a good deal with the brands that you want to work and then generate them sales. You can hold a Giveaway contest for your fans and through your brands.

If you are doing business then you must be on Twitter.


Making money from Twitter requires a lot of hard work, a bit of creativity, and a willingness to consistently put in the effort.

If you are really dedicated to making money on Twitter then you should practice all the methods that I’ve discussed above. If this article has given you a frame and inspiration to successfully make money on twitter then you must comment below the best Idea you found amongst the above 5.

Have another idea on how to make money on twitter? Or want to leave us some feedback? Let me know in the comments below!

Twitter is great for your business. And a great business opportunity

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