How to get 1000 subscribers Fast in 2020?

YouTube is a platform where you can get big fame and name and being the best on youtube in our field is the dream of every creator. So, the most and important thing that comes out to me is that a creator should cross 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours watch time which is very difficult for the beginners and creators at the starting Stage.

Get Subscribers

1000 Subscribers

 So, if you are a beginner and struggling to gain the 1000 Subscribers then you are at the right place. After reading this article, I’ll guarantee that you’ll reach the milestone of 1000.

Guys, gaining 1000 subscribers is the toughest job for the YouTuber at the starting stage. But if you follow the below-given tips I’m dam sure it will be easy to gain that milestone. If you are better smart and want to gain 1000 subscribers then follow these best tips which will help you to grow your channel in 2020.

1. The power of Facebook GROUPS.

Friends, the power of Facebook groups is great and you can’t imagine that you can gain more than 1000 subscribers just by this source which will benefit you. Facebook groups are the best for your first 1000 subscribers. Just go and share your content there in the groups and have a good text which will strike their mind to open the link in a genuine way.

Example: I have a Tech channel and I go on facebook and there in the search column I’ll type Technical Guruji / Geeky Ranjit / Tech Burner/ or anything and join these groups. And now I’ll post a Picture (Thumbnail) and I’ll caption it: Check out the advantages of this new branded phone, this specification will definitely shock you (paste the video link)

In the above-given way I had joined the Technical groups only because If I share this type of video in the category of people who love cooking then no one will watch your video because in the category you have shared is not interested in your video but if you share the same on the particular niche/category then definitely you’ll be benefitted.

And if you join these groups in quantity then you can easily get the 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Social Media


2. Instagram

The process here is the same as for Facebook. On Instagram, you have to DM to the selected people with the link and some text.

Go and follow the followers of Technical Guruji, Geeky Ranjit and etc and send them the link. Make sure you follow the people not by going to the profile->Followers

Go on the latest post of theirs and then click on the likes, then go and follow them. Because they will be the active ones. And then DM them.

3. Consistency

Consistency is the best weapon which is totally dependent on us. Uploading videos consistently will help you to grow your channel and its really a great way to get subscribers in the early stage.

Uploading videos daily,

Uploading videos twice a week,

Uploading single video in a week.

Have a consistent frequency of uploading videos.

Be consistent

Staying consistent is key to 1000 subscribers. So, be consistent and upload videos. As any of the videos go viral, I mean if it crosses 1k or 2k views then start making videos on that topic which will definitely grow your subscribers and the watch time. A video will definitely come in your journey which will give you an idea that on which category (Micro) you should move on. And definitely, you will grow your channel.

After you reach 1000 subscribers mark, it will be very easy for you to reach the 5k subscribers mark and then 10k, 50k, 100k, you’ll find that you are reaching 100k is really easy but it’s very important to surpass the 1000 subscribers with the original content because those 1000 people will give you organic and real viewers which will boost your youtube channel watch time and rankings.


4. Trending video topics

Posting videos daily is a tough job, but if there’s hunger in you then can pass the 1000 subscribers easily. Creating videos daily is tough and getting topics for the video is more difficult. I have a great idea for trending topics.


Go on google and in the search bar type google trends and hit enter. This is the free tool by Google itself. Go in the Google trends section and there select your country (India) and the category on which you create content (Sci/Tech)

There you’ll get the results which topic is trending now. As soon as you get a topic from there start making videos and upload it. Be the first person to upload trending topics video explaining in a good way and an easy manner.

5. Click baiting Thumbnails

Most of the beginners keep their thumbnails dull and very poor. When your video is having a good and amazing content which will be loved by people and what if your video comes In the suggested list but if your video is not having the thumbnail to attract the people then what is the use of creating such good content, all is just a waste.

Have a good thumbnail which attracts the audience. For creating awesome thumbnails use Photoshop. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop then go on YouTube and search for creating “thumbnails for YouTube” and watch and learn from that 10-15 minutes of video and explore. Don’t waste time watching the whole series of Photoshop and wasting days for all that. Learn what you need.

Having good thumbnails will bring more audience retention. Don’t lie in your thumbnails and don’t try to over edit your thumbnails.

You can also make thumbnails on Canva (an online best thumbnail creating website). I personally use canva which is amazing and the interface of it is really very easy.

6. Facecam, Quality Videos

Show your face in the videos because people will have a trust in you if you make videos which include your face over it. And doing facecam can also help you towards 1000 subscribers.

Create HD videos which have good quality. Especially I love watching videos of Marques Brownlee and Tech Burner. Watching a poor quality video feels us bored but watching the high-quality video will definitely keep the audience until the last minute of the video. So make sure you create high-quality video. Not necessary with the Nikon or Canon cameras but mobile will definitely work. As quality matters.

7. The most powerful tool for TAGS

See, adding the perfect and relevant tags to your youtube video is smart work. So watch other YouTubers how they use tags. Watch how they used tags in their early stages when they had 10k, 50k subscribers.

If you are creating the best video and that you know that this video created by you will definitely go viral. And when you publish this video with nonrelevant tags then that video will not reach more people. All you need to add is the perfect relevant tags.

There’s a chrome extension (TUBEBUDDY) is totally free which will make your video grow. Go and download it and sign in with your Gmail account. Now open the video which is in your category and just check-down those keywords (tags) and get a rough knowledge of how your keywords (tags) should be. Now when you get a rough sketch create your tags and then publish your video. In this way, you can rank your video for a particular keyword.

Download Tubebuddy, a great extension for your video optimization.

8.  YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a term which helps your video to reach more people.

SEO helps your video to rank in the top for a particular term. For this, you have to add correct tags on your video and use the simple and good title for your video. You can take help of Tubebuddy and Google keyword planner. These both tools will definitely help you to rank your videos.

And on the topic, you have made the video just in description box make a paragraph by repeating the main keyword of yours. Let me tell you in detail.

Eg: (Tittle) How to get 1000 subscribers fast  | Hindi | 2020-Trick

(Description) —-All Links—

Your Queries-

How to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time?

How to get 1000 subs fast?

How to get 1000 subscribers in a month? How to get 1k Subscribers on YouTube?

9.  Promote your video (Paid)

You can promote your video if you have enough money (minimum 500 bucks). Promoting video with the help of Google itself is totally an organic way. Promote your own video with the help of Google Adds. Run campaigns and get views and subscribers on your video. Make sure that when you go for this method, the video you are promoting should be the best video of yours

10. How to increase Watch Time?

Once you get subscribers and viewers automatically you will hit the 4000 hours watch time easily. Focus on the videos. Be consistent and keep uploading videos (the best content). And as you reach the 1000 subscribers you will also surpass the 4000 hours watch time.

Keep in mind that viewers=subscribers.

So above I have explained to you how to use some specially targeted keywords in your description box. Yep! By doing this you can Optimize your video and the tags part I have already explained to you.

11. Some cool tips

Cool tips must apply.

Be Interactive

  Always be interactive with your starting subscribers and be at your best to reply to all the comments, whether the comment is positive or negative try to reply to all of them. Create a bond between you and your subscribers so that when you upload your next video they must come back to watch it.

Uploading Time Matters

After uploading a couple of videos you can get a clear idea of when to upload your videos. Probably in the afternoon or you can go in the analytics section and analyze the best time where you got more audience retention and then at that particular time you can publish your video.

Don’t copy, Thumbnail matters!

Don’t always copy or get ideas from the big channels. Like, don’t copy the content especially, go on the internet search for the content and then publish. Thumbnails, most of the people at the initial stage copy thumbnails of the ones who have millions of subscriber. My advice is to create a good thumbnail and a catchy one because at the first stage nobody will come and click on your thumbnail. So, please create a good thumbnail yourself.

Challenge Youself

Always have targets for yourself. Like if you have achieved 50 views on the first video make sure you achieve more than 100 views on the second video and more on the third video and so on. Challenge yourself and always be hungry for youtube Journey goal and be stubborn till you don’t achieve your goal. Keep uploading videos having good content and be consistent.

Arrange Giveaways

Arrange Giveaways. Giveaways will always help you. You can arrange the giveaway with the help of Gleam, which is the best website for creating Giveaways?

Collab with Creators

Go for collaborations. You are having 1000 Subscribers and the person you are going to collab with has 1000 subscribers then have a collaboration and you both will be benefitted by sharing subscribers. If you have a creator in your city then mail that creator and go for a collab.

Don’t SUB for SUB

Don’t ever go for SUB FOR SUB, that means on trending videos which is not in your category but still you go on that video which has millions of views and you go and comment on that video that:  “Hey, xyz please subscribe to my channel and I’ll do the same for you”. Don’t do these such silly things and don’t beg for subscribers in any video.  If you want subscribers to go to a similar recent new video which you have also made and then reply to comments “Check out this video which helped me and this video will help to tell you everything stepwise and in an easy way. Hope you Checkout”. In this way, you can involve the audience toward your content. And ultimately you will cross 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.

Category must be fixed

Fix your category and keep making videos on your category.

Be your best

Guys just give your 100% and reach your first 1000 subscribers, after that as I said that youtube will automatically keep you pushing till the 5000 subscribers and 10k, 50k, 100k only if your videos are consistent.

Don't think of money at the initial stage

Don’t think of Money

At the starting stage please don’t think about money. Work and do all your work as a passion. First Passion then money.

Guys last questions for you,

Do you want to earn money online?

Do you want more subscribers for your YouTube Channel?

Comment Your Opinions.

Yes! Feel free to comment,and let me know your opinion. BA BYE

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