How does PUBG MOBILE make money? Here I have revealed all those…

PUBG Mobile– In this Battle Royale game we have to parachute ourselves from an airplane and with us, more 99 players land up and the last man standing alive wins and is called WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. You can also play this game with your friends and voice chat feature is also available. Know, how does pubg mobile make money? Keep reading for a few seconds and you’ll get your answer.

How pubg mobile earn money
How PUBG mobile earn money?

But as this game is popular and of course the free game, so what might be the ways of earning of PUBG MOBILE? How is the PUBG MOBILE making money?

How does PUBG MOBILE earn money?

This is a free game and the apps which we download from the playstore has two major earning source:-

  • Adds driving revenue
  • In-app purchase
how pubg mobile earn money?

After these two comes the other ways like promotions and all. So basically PUBG MOBILE earns from every side beside In-app purchase.

The below-given ways are the major ways that are used by PUBG to generate their revenue.

1. Selling Your Keywords (Voice Data)

Most people use voice chat and this is one of the sources of this game to earn money. But how can they earn money by our voice?

They listen to our keywords in whichever language we speak, PUBG MOBILE snatches our words. They listen to our nearby voice and it may be from the Television or other devices like speakers etc.

PUBG MOBIL earn money by selling you voice notes

For example like If I’m talking to you,” hey pick that gun which I have dropped” and in the background, the Television is playing the advertise which speaks, “Thumps Up taste the thunder”

And the keywords in the background voice was Thumps Up and this keyword is sold to the advertising marketers

So, in this way, they seize the keywords from us and then these keywords are sold to the advertisers and hence in this way they earn a large profit. (Wow what an idea) this was the way and your answer, how PUBG MOBILE earns money?

2. Promotions

Promotion is only available if you have a lot of audiences and PUBG MOBILE has loads of audience and consequently earning from promoting products also drives a bunch of money.

So PUBG MOBILE also promotes lots of things and yes I’m frankly speraking that past couple of months I’ve not played PUBG MOBILE and yes but the main motive here is promotion so let me tell you about that.

So PUBG MOBILE HAS once promoted the movie Mission Impossible Fallout and this movie was promoted by PUBG and drived a lot of money

PUBG MOBILE had changed their music and the wallpaper in play store and placed with the Mission Impossible Fallout music.


And the second thing which was promoted by PUBG MOBILE was the smartphone of Oppo

Oppo smartphones were promoted by creating a contest and by adding the smartphone brand name oppo on the parachutes and many more.

So these were the two promotions which I’ve personally observed and due to this PUBG MOBILE has also raised their income. And this method has also driven money for PUBG MOBILE.

3. In-app Purchase

So, the major source of income this game depends on is the In-app Purchase.

They basically sell crates, Battle Pass, emotes and skin


1.2 billion people play games in the world and from which 400 million people play PUBG and yes in this also some might be serious gammers and some of them might be playing just for fun and timepass and unoccupied gamers.

But from these only a few gamers purchase the Battle Royale Pass.

Besides this, In-App Purchase is also a great way for PUBG MOBILE to earn money


I hope, you’ll have got to know all about how PUBG MOBILE earns money. If some of the methods were new and interesting to know then proceed below and leave a comment. My motive was only to let you how PUBG MOBILE earns money besides letting people downloading this game for free.

I hope that you’ll have gained a perfect knowledge and got to know all about it! Comment which method was astonishing for you…

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