Fake Survey, Adds, Captcha: Expectations vs. Reality

Everybody wants to earn money online and when it comes to online surveys and filling up these captchas and advertisements which in return really gives you a good amount is a good type of online money making jobs online. But now it’s very difficult to find those websites and applications who really gives you out money towards our work, so we can increase our part-time earnings.

These are the core points to be covered in this article

  • How to find the true and original websites for Online Surveys?
  • How to detect these fake apps or website, giving out zero payouts?
  • Reality vs. Expectation

Does Online Surveys actually pay off?

Yes, they do pay off, but it is a hard job to find whether the website or app is an original and a ligid sites to earn money. While there are many other ways to earn but earning from these sites is a good part-time earning.

Online Surveys, Payouts?

No, doubt about the online survey filling but there are some website on google and on the play store who don’t pay you and just make you work done for their profit. I have been through these phases and yes they really paid me nothing and I was really disappointed but then too, when I came through ligid sites I was quite happy than before. So its very important to detect the real and go with it.

How to detect them whether they are fake or real?

Detecting them is not a tough job but a smart one. For websites especially, go to their ABOUT US  page and read all the information about them. Proceed to their social media presence and have a glace towards their activities and you can also google the website or the company name on google and check out their reviews.

There are many ways to check whether its genuine or not. You can ask Quora, its the best for Q&A and there are many active users who will answer your question and I’ll suggest you to go and read all these doubts of yours which are related to those websites or apps which you think. The answers you’ll get towards your doubts will be answered by the experts so you can go for Quora.

Some of the websites do the fake and biased reviews so don’t just believe on them. There are many known websites who really paycheck you the money in return of captcha solving and survey filling. So, just go there and do these surveys on their websites which are official and not scams.

Now let me explain the truth of applications (apps) There are many apps available on play store which tells you to do these many tasks and earn money from home. But if we really go in depth then we come to know that these applications are here just to earn money and nothing else. Applications use Admob and websites use AdSense for monetizing their content. In this way, they earn revenue and half of the revenue is given to the YouTubers to promote their application.

On YouTube, there are many channels who all promote these fake application just for money and they do not care about what the audience or public will say. This is the main and strongest point of promoting these fake apps for surveys and all. Rather these applications are just for 2-3 months on Playstore and then go down and till that period of time, the app developer earns a lot by making the people blind for money just in the greed of money.

Promoting Fake APPS by YouTube

Did you know how these applications and websites earn money from?

They Earn money from Adsence (for websites) and Admob (for apps)

Expectations vs. Reality

On these applications, we come to take online surveys in return of cash but these applications just fool us for their profit.

And the main trap is their threshold for payment is too high. And due to this a person who comes here is a victim for them which eventually pays the app developer.

There are many websites which are fake and the output of these survey websites are really poor. Here read it, Fake Survey, Adds, Captcha: Expectations vs. Reality

We come on these applications to earn money and here we don’t gain money rather we lose our precious time. Rather come and learn something well, learn affiliate marketing, blogging which will pay you.

I’m not saying that these applications will not pay you, here I’m just stating that there are too many websites and apps which are scammy. So just be safe, keeping you safe and earn bits is my work.

There are too many websites which really pays you by solving captchas and attending surveys. Below I’ve listed some ligid and original

  1. Swagbucks
  2. IndoxDollars
  3. My Survey
  4. Global Test Market
  5. Prize Rebel


So, guys here I just wanted to deliver a message that please don’t download those type of apps or just don’t sing up on those type of websites which are fraud and the fraud websites will just take your personal information and will make you foolish and same goes for the application. Mostly on WhatsApp when someone sends you a message that “download this application and get 100 bucks” and then you blindly go in the store and at last you download that scammy app.

So, don’t have a blind faith on these fraud websites and apps. Want to make money online through surveys then above I’ve listed few websites so go on those websites and sign up there.

If you are really desperate to earn money online, then start something good. Start affiliate marketing, blogging spend your time and learn something good in this digital marketing world which will give you passive income.

Guys last questions for you,

Do you want to earn money online?

Have you ever tried earning money online?

Comment Your Opinions.

Yes! Feel free to comment,and let me know your opinion. BA BYE

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