Copy Paste Job Sites To Earn Money In 2022 [Revealed My Method]

What are copy paste jobs? They are the jobs where you have to copy and paste the data. Data can be in any form, like from image to word, word to excel, and many more which I have mentioned below.

These are some basic jobs that make money online and are the easiest ones. This is a guide and list of top 10 copy paste job sites.

On this blog, I’ve posted a lot of possible organic ways to make money online for students, kids, and more. But then to also at some articles I’ve stated that copy and paste jobs are quite simple. And most of the readers just ignored that and started going in other fields to earn money.

People started doing youtube, blogging and freelancing on Fiverr especially when I suggested it the best freelancing site. Because it doesn’t require any verification. But what if I tell you that you can make money online via copy paste work at home.

What is copy paste job actually? Does it actually work? Do copy paste jobs pay daily? Are there any genuine copy paste job sites?

All these questions will vanish from your mind once you read this article. Let’s get to know about it step by step.

Table of content: (INDEX)

  1. What are copy-paste jobs actually?
  2. Types of Copy Paste Jobs
  3. How much money you can earn by Copy Paste Jobs?
  4. How to find the Genuine Copy Paste Sites? (Step by Step)
  5. Copy Paste Job sites list.
  6. My Method to make $10 per day through Copy Paste Job sites.
  7. Last Words.

What are copy-paste jobs actually?

Copy-paste jobs are like data entry and there you need to copy and paste information from one given data to another. Basically, you will be given a source and that source can be anything like image, excel spreadsheet, word document and you have to convert that source to another. Here’s an example: You have to convert a PDF file to word document.


Copy Paste Jobs Online
Copy Paste Jobs Online

You have to just copy all the content in the PDF file and paste it into the Word document, and the PDF’s can be of 10000+ words or less. I hope you are now clear with what actually copy paste jobs are!

I hope that you are now clear!


Now you are clear with this copy-paste work. The content you are given to copy and paste might be in numbers, letters, words and etc. But these content or data is a time consuming and hectic work. These types of copy paste posts are given a deadline and hence you should be quick enough to complete it in that particular span of time. Your typing speed should at 50-60 WPM (Words per minute).

You would like: Online Typing Jobs to earn $100+ per month.

Now let’s see the categories that exist in copy paste jobs.

Types of Copy Paste Jobs

This information will be helpful for you to know the types of Data Entry. Have a glance,

1. Word to PDF: Here you are supposed to copy and paste from the Word document and later you can convert that word document in PDF.

2. Excel Spread Sheet to Word / Word to Excel / Excel to Excel: The data given in excel is to be copied into another excel. The word document to excel.

3. Word to Word: Here you need to copy and paste the document which is in Word to another word.

4. Visual Basic / Visual Studio: This is related to forms. You have to copy and paste the email address, name, phone number, etc.

5. HTML Form Testing Jobs: Filling from in the HTML format.

6. Invoice Generating: You might be knowing the bills or invoices, yes! here you have to copy and paste those invoices in the word document.

So, this was it for clear information about the categories in Copy Paste Jobs.

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How much money you can earn?

It depends on the company or the person for whom are you doing this. The amount paid is dependent on the person/company.

While let me be frank! Here you can earn $100-$200 (Rs. 7000 – Rs. 14000 approx) per month by copy-paste jobs.

But you need to be focused and determined to complete more and more work given to you. Before working with any person and company make sure you clear all your queries related to money and the number of tasks.

I have some ways for you to make this amount of money through copy-paste, I have mentioned that method below. First, let me feed you some basic knowledge before you proceed towards the list of top 10 copy paste job sites.

So, here’s the step-by-step guide!

How to find the Genuine Copy-Paste Sites? (Step by Step)

One of the best questions under Copy Paste Jobs is this and it’s also asked most frequently. So, I would like to tell you that it’s very difficult to find a website which pays daily.

It is tough to find a site online that will give you copy-paste work, a daily payment, and 100% Trust. Follow these steps to get a perfect trusted website for copy-paste jobs.

Let’s proceed to 5 Steps!

STEP 1: Head over towards any search engine, most probably Google and search for ‘Copy Paste job’. Now you’ll get a list of sites which will offer you to work with them.

STEP 2: Now they’ll give their contact number on the home page, if not then go the contact us page.

STEP 3: Have a phone call with the company with whom you are going to work and try to visit the office of that company.

STEP 4: If you are not getting the contact details and you feel that this company is fraud then leave that and go for another.

STEP 5: Ask them the testimonials of the people who have already worked with it.

Please make sure that you follow these steps before you start your copy paste work and then only proceed to pay the registration fee to work with them.

There are also some sites on google which deliver copy paste jobs without investment free registration. All you need to do is to find an

Also there are few companies who’ll ask you to pay registration fees and later on they’ll run away!

So I just wanted to say in this section is that, be aware before entering in any company.

Be alert!

Copy Paste Job sites list.

I love to help you’ll to earn money online but where there are chances of fraud I’ll never guide you there. So as it is I’ll tell you that I’ll not be listing the names of the sites which will help you to earn money via copy paste work.

There’s a reason, a few months back I started working on a site and they started paying me $2 for each task and I completed almost 6 tasks and they showed me $12 on my dashboard and the thresh hold was $50. After those 6 tasks they never gave me any task and I never reached that thresh hold and I was been fooled. I mailed them and took all the initiatives that I should take by my side but no response.

And therefore I’ll not share those top 10 copy paste job sites with you, who know they’ll fool you?

So, you should go on the freelancing sites to get Copy Paste Work, because they are the most genuine ones. I’ve been at Fiverr so I’ll recommend you go on Fiverr and create your gig to earn from copy-paste jobs.

I’ll recommend you to follow my method ‘$10 per day from Copy-Paste Jobs’ that I’ve stated below.

Here’s the best deal section!

My Method to make $10 per day through Copy Paste Job sites.

Copy and paste Jobs, My personal Method.

So, basically I prefer you Fiverr which is a freelancing site, you’ll be knowing it.

The process of making $10 per month from Copy Paste Jobs, without any registration fees;

  • Go to Fiverr.
  • Make your profile.
  • Create your own Gig in the best possible way and start getting sales.

Fiverr is the best place to get your copy paste work done for money. The only reason is that the other sites like Upwork and all they verify you for selling and that process takes a long time and you might not get verified.

I strongly recommend you to go for Fiverr.

These steps are easy but for the first starting days, you’ll not get the sales. You can drive sales from YouTube by uploading a video and joining the Facebook groups. You can publish a post on Facebook for the copy paste work and then drive those customers to your profile on Fiverr and get your sales on Fiverr for copy-paste jobs.

And I think that going with Fiverr Gigs is one of the genuine copy paste job sites to work on!

If you think practically the Fiverr Method is really really the best. If you ask me that what are the best top 10 copy paste job sites in 2022 I would not sit down and list you those 10 sites and tell you that go and register here you’ll get paid, rather I’ll only suggest you that go on Fiverr and create your profile and wait for the magic.

You might be feeling a bit nervous and confused about this? But now in 2022 people don’t trust easily and therefore going with Fiverr will be profitable.

Bottom Line: For genuine copy paste job sites go with Fiverr and you are done : )

Last Words:

Be careful about joining other sites for copy-paste jobs, they might not pay you but use you for their benefits. It’s my request to go to Fiverr because that’s more trustable.

Other than Fiverr you can also go with other freelancing sites but the only reason to go with Fiverr is that they do not ask you to verify, and Fiverr Sign Up process is very easy and hence I recommend you to go with Fiverr.

Rater providing the top 10 copy paste job sites I tried to explain you Fiverr method which is more effective compared to others.

Thanks for the read! Best Wishes

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