Best way to make money online through Quora Partner Program.

Quora Partner Program

Quora had come up with its Quora Partner Program and through this program, most of the people have earned a decent amount of money. Whereas “Quora Partner Program” the beta version was launched in April.

Quite a good program brought by Quora which helps interrogatory persons to earn. But not each and every person can earn money here, only the ones who are invited by quora itself can earn through asking questions.

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Best Online Jobs for College Students to earn money online.

online jobs for college students

Are you a College student? And do you want to make money online? Well, you have landed at the right place. Let me tell you that as a student if you work offline for money then it can disturb your schedule and therefore the only option left is online. And there are multiple online jobs for college students. And as a student making money online is a wise thought. Best “online jobs for college students” ideas are listed below.

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How to Make Money as a Kid, here are the best Ideas.

how to make money as a kid online

Each of us wants to earn money. But the only source for it to come into work. There are ways in which we work offline and online but if a kid goes in the offline market to make money the age criteria are restricted. So here is an awesome guide for kids to make money as a kid.

how to make money as a kid

Most of the kids in the current generation need more money than pocket money. So, the only thing that triggers is how to make extra money online as a kid?

While there are several ways to earn money online as a kid but I’ll only tell you those ways which will help you as a kid to make money. And I’ll also clear your doubt about “how to make money as a kid”

As a child, each and everyone needs to earn money just to enjoy their childhood with friends. They need money for eating junk food which tastes awesome like pizzas and burgers. Also for getting lifestyle accessories which make their entire personality look attractive.

While if you are wondering that how can

  • 11-year old make money
  • 12-year old make money
  • 13-year old make money
  • 14-year old make money
  • And so on…

While here I have answers for all of you which will work for any age group. I mean a kid from any age group can earn money. Just follow the below given guide which will help you to make money online.

Easy working ways for kids to Make Money

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Get paid for Instagram posts, 4 easy steps to earn money!

get paid for instagram posts

Instagram is an amazing social media platform where we share photos, videos, and stories. And I just wanted to tell you that you can also earn “$500 per post and get paid for Instagram posts”. While Instagram is reaching more and more users day-by-day it has become such a huge company for
 photo and video-sharing social networking service and the brands are also approaching many influencers on Instagram. You can be one of them?

Instagram does not pay a creator for creating content and nor it pays for advertisements like YouTube. Here the basic way to earn money is getting paid for Instagram posts.

So, being the most popular and successful service out there people often start their e-commerce company here and start approaching influencers in their niche.

I’m dam sure that you all must have come through a post on Instagram where the person you follow (It might me celebrities, sportsman, bloggers, YouTubers and many more.) is having a photo with a brand. I’ve have noticed it quite often and the thought that comes in my mind is that “I can also be an influencer and earn money through Instagram for per post”.

But when I came to each and everything the thought which ran in my mind was, “It’s not that easy, as I thought earlier”

How much can I get paid for a sponsored post on Instagram?

It depends on all upon you that on which niche you are working and it also depends on the brand. Mostly it depends on your followers and the engagement percentage of your posts. Here you always need to be authentic with organic followers.

According to my research, you can earn up to $12-$500 and many more per post. So, if you are also dreaming that you can also make money through just posting Instagram posts then follow the below-given steps.

How do you get sponsored on Instagram? (Through brands)

While there are few things that are necessary, so once you get towards these then you can easily get brand deals for a sponsored post. So here are basic things:

  • 5K-100K+ Followers (Organic with good engagement level)
  • High-Quality posts
  • Audience retention
  • Post-Consistently
  • Be in a targetted niche.
  • Have a good bio (Mention your mail id in the Bio)

So, let me tell you the five basic things so that implementing these things you can also get a sponsored post and start making money.

Whether you have 0 followers, I’ll help you out. Just read the below-given points carefully and follow them to be an influencer.

STEP #1. Select your Niche

While those who don’t know the perfect meaning of niche, let me explain to you: Niche means that you should commonly be related to a common thing when you post. A topic that is targetted and that you love it. For example, Nikhil Sharma a lifestyle vlogger and he always post photos that are related to lifestyle. And here we can say that Nikhil Sharma is in the lifestyle niche.

Select your niche, for paid post
Image source: Instagram
Credits: Nikhil Sharma

So, first of all, you have to select a niche. You can go for any of these niches,

  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Pets
  • Food
  • Games and many more…

So, after selecting the perfect niche start uploading High-Quality photos related to your niche.

Assume that you are posting photos related to sports and the post quality of your post is high and now when a sports company comes up with a new sports drink and there you can approach them for sponsorship or they might mail you for it.

So, it all depends on the niche of both the brand and the influencer. So that both can be profitted. Where the brand gets the sales and you get paid for Instagram post.

So, whenever you select your niche, just be clever and wise enough to choose the niche.

STEP #2. Grow your Account

Grow you account to get paid for Instagram posts

Each and everyone needs a good amount of followers. And followers (organic) are really important as these numbers play an important role when you are under the review for being sponsored.

As we all know that there are more than 700 million active users on Instagram and 4 billion likes each day. In the current generation, most of the business account has started on Instagram just for branding and generating sales. If you be consistent with Instagram you can get up to 15k plus (Organic) followers easily. Develop your own unique, recognizable visual style.

If you need all the organic and active followers you need to practice the below-given tips so that you can increase your followers and accomplish the number of followers that you need so that you can get paid for Instagram posts.

  • Post Consistently
  • Use proper Hashtags on your posts
  • Collaborate with others
  • Conduct GIVEAWAYS
  • Best Bio
  • Engage with followers
  • Analyze your time and keep improving
  • Maintain Grid
  • Go Live
  • Lavish your stories
  • Use IGTV
  • Write engaging captions

Posting photos is very important, you should be posting good quality photos on Instagram consistently. The best tool for editing photos is Adobe Lightroom. This software will give an amazing color effect and will manage your photos marvelously.

Post photos at least 1 each day and if not then have a gap of 2 days. Also, try to post videos so that you can maintain the engagement level with your followers.

Hashtags are really the best tool to reach the targetted audience without any cost and hashtags also improves your visibility to the audience. I’m pretty sure that you might be using hashtags but friend keep in mind that using proper hashtag also matters, so use related hashtags to your post and leverage your content

You should always keep in mind that Instagram stories are also very effective using the perfect hashtag with the location tag which will give you more views and engagement. Upload at least 7 Instagram stories each day so that you be well connected.


Also, you should go live once a week so that you can keep interacting with your audience. And also upload IGTV videos so that your followers get a video more than a minute.

Hope you implement all these tips and grow your account so that you get paid for your posts.

Step #3. Brand Approach

get brand deals approach for sponsored instagram post

Did you know that when should you approach a brand for getting sponsored for Instagram posts? No, then let me explain to you : )

Most of the time the brands themselves contact you for a paid sponsorship, but if you are getting brand deals whereas if you are worth it then at that time you yourself need to contact them and ask for the deal.

While there are many possible ways to get sponsorship but the main methods I prefer are: First is waiting for their deals. Second is that you should mail the branding company. The third is that spy the sponsors of your competitors and mail them with more expectation of branding with your profile so that they can lead more sales and you get paid for the sponsorship.

And also there are many ways to get to know about the branding company name so that you get paid for posting photos on Instagram. While There are 3 ways:

  • Spy Competition
  • Mail the Brands
  • Search Brands and ‘DM’ them

This is also a good Idea that after searching for brands working for you on Instagram you can DM them on Instagram and ask for the sponsored Post. Working with the sponsor.

And you can also pitch them through mail.

Step #4. How to Work with the sponsors.

Work with brands, for paid instagram posts

Wait the story does not end here by just getting a deal approved for your sponsored post. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you work with the sponsors. So always keep in mind the below-listed points whenever you are collaborating with brands:

  • Confirm Payment
  • Read Terms and Conditions carefully
  • The post should be seen as a sponsored post [“paid partnership with (brand)”]
  • How many posts for 1 sponsorship?

So, always get confirmed the money that you are going to get for the sponsored post. The posts which you are going to upload may be more than 1 so keep in mind the hard work behind each post and then ask them for so and so amount.

Always read the contract carefully because it contains the payment, responsibilities and many more. Keep in mind that the contract doesn’t have these words “exclusive sponsorship” (which means you can’t promote any other brands, which may not be very useful and profitable to you), or if this is a “non-competing” partnership which means that you can’t simultaneously promote a competitive brand. For example, if you’re promoting Nike, you can’t promote Reebok.

So, these were the little minute things that you need to know.


So, these are the basic things you all must know when you are getting sponsored or getting paid for Instagram post.

While the new ones who get their 1st sponsorship always get negotiated with the sponsor and are paid less for the post. So, if you are new-bee or not always keep in mind that the amount you are going to get paid must satisfy you.

And hope you all were helped through the article and got to know a lot of out of these. All my best wishes are with you so that you “get paid for Instagram post”

How to make money with Google, Latest ways

make money online with google

Does really google pay’s us if we work online? Yes, Google is really the best method to make money online because Google is well trusted and it is really the best way to make money. Google pays each and every content writer, video creators, developers and many more. Here I prefer that the safest and best way to make money online is that start making money with Google. Lets, see how to make money online with google.

Make money with google

So I’ll be suggesting the best and the most trusted ways which I’ve observed and worked on. Here are the best one’s mentioned below.

If you are really desperate to make money from google then join me till the bottom. I’ll guarantee you that you will be well satisfied after reading it.

How to make money online with google?

You have to go for different programs of Google and those programs I’ll be giving it below. And then go for that program which you feel that is meant for you and where you find your interest so that you fit in it. Yes, it will take time to make money online with google but I can say that you will definitely make a decent amount of money through it.

make money with google online

So, here are those ways from which you can make money with google. The paid amount limit to you is seamless, the more you work the more you will be paid. So, try to go with any one of the following programs and focus on that and start earning from that. So that you can also earn money while sleeping with google.

1. Adsense

Earn From Google Adsense

So, this is the best and the easiest way where you can make money through google. I personally use this method to make money online through google, and it really gives us the result. There are millions of bloggers over the globe who make a huge sack of money through Google Adsense.

You can also make money through Google Adsense program. There are two major ways where you can get your Adsense account and make money online through it.

Earn money through Google Adsense

The basic two ways are :-

  1. YouTube
  2. Blogging

So, for Youtube, the policy is that if you cross 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time only then you are eligible for monetization and if you are getting approved by YouTube then you’ll be given a fresh new Adsense account from where you can earn money through google. And most of the YouTube Creators are making money from this program.

While the main problem for the creators is that how to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time so that they can be eligible for Adsense. While I have a perfect solution, “Get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time fast

So that was for the YouTube Adsense now let me tell you about Blogging Adsense.

Blogging is also a tough job. It’s the reality.

The adsense approval process is really easy on blogging compared to YouTube. In blogging if you follow certain rules then you can easily get your Adsense approved.

  • Write up to 20 articles which are unique and submit your website to google webmaster so that you get a search engine visibility.
  • Try to go for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), normal SEO will work no need to do professional SEO and get good backlinks.
  • Try to be consistent.
  • After 2 months you will get your Adsense approved, I guarantee you.
  • But…
How to make money online with google adsense

If you follow the above tips then you’ll get your Adsense but the thing is that you’ll not be able to earn because I have personally gone under this phase when I was a fresher. I got my Adsense but I never got CPC and I never earned. The mistake I did was… That at the time when I was fresher I focused on earning money and at that time I started my blog and got my Adsense but the earning was nil.

So if you want to start a good blog with good income then follow these steps…

  • Focus on SEO and link building.
  • Write 100 articles, on targetted keywords.
  • Do this for at least 3 months and almost 5 months.
  • Generate good traffic.
  • You get your Adsense and you’ll get clicks.

If you don’t know how to create a blog then check this out “How to create a blog and start making money?

In this way, you can get your Adsense approved and you’ll also be able to earn as compared to the above case. So, this was the way to earn money online from Google.

2. Admob

Earn money from Google Admob

Admob a google product helps you to earn money by mobile apps. Here you have to develop an application and submit it to the play store and then in your app, you get paid for installations and active users.

While here you need to be really hardworking because here you have to work on programming and here you must have a piece of good knowledge of programming languages so that you can create the best app.

Steps to make money through Google Admob

While here the requirements for Admob is:

  • Develop your application
  • I’ll suggest you go to “Android studio” because that is the best platform for creating applications and also most of the app developers prefer that
  • After you are done you need to register with Google App store to publish your app on Play store. And basically, it takes $25 to register your app.
  • You get paid for active users on your app and the downloading rate.

So, if you are the one having good knowledge of programming language and love to build this kind of things then you should go for Admob, which will definitely help you to make money through google.

3. Sell e-books

Earn by selling ebooks

If you are interested in writing stories, poems or anything like marketing strategies and many more then you can write your book and sell it on google play store.

Free method to publish your E-book on google Play-store and make money

So, here when you are ready with writing up your book then you have to follow these steps to publish your e-book so that you earn money through google.

  • Go here. “Signup to Publish your book
  • Then go through the signup process.
  • After that enter your ISBN (International Standard Book Number) if your book has one and if not go for the option “I don’t have ISBN”
  • Google will provide a prefix to your book.
  • Apply Template
  • Create your app
There is a option for which you can upload a suitable amount worth your book, which is the main way to make money online with google.

Do these methods will really make me money on google?

Definitely yes, you will be able to earn money online through google if you go for any of these above-listed ways.

Conclusion:- So, these were the methods from where you were able to make money from Google. I being as a fresher has focused on Blogging at the start, I failed after 6 months and again learned all the requirements and I can say that today I’m making a decent amount from google.

I have not earned that much money which is earned by top bloggers, but yes these are the genuine ways where you can easily make money and where you can get paid through google.

These are those types of work where people work immensely hard and make out millions of dollars. If you too go towards any one of the options and start your work online then you can also “make money online for free through google“. Do your best and good luck from my side. All the best!

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