Best And Easy Ways To Earn Money From WhatsApp

Best And Easy Ways To Earn Money From WhatsApp ūüôā Part 1


Ur! Hey, guys today I’m going to talk about a very advantageous topic that is how to earn money from WhatsApp. As in the current era, the application WhatsApp is a universally used application and this is a very good platform where you can earn a lot of money I mean a lot if that person has that much potential to work then I can say a LOT. So, today I’ll be going to tell you all the very best 5 ways to earn money from WhatsApp. Which will help you out to make a handful amount of money!

The best ways to earn money from whatsap

¬† ¬† ¬† Hello Friends, almost half of our day we spend chatting with friends relatives and with multiple groups whether it be a family group, school friends group, a group related to any niche topic and many more. Why don’t we use this platform only and earn money?¬†Rather than wasting your time use that time only growing some few amounts of money isn’t it great?

 So, friends, let me tell you something that in this case of earning, WhatsApp will never pay you all this platform can help you to promote and increase your market.

1. Link Shortener

Guys this is one of the famous methods where you can earn money. This work is very easy and I personally have experience in this field and I’m sure if you do this work then you will be able to earn.

First of all, search a viral or a trending topic in the current era and then copy the URL of any of the trending or viral video and then go to that link shortener website and shorten your link and paste that link and forward that link to all the ACTIVE GROUPS and PARTICIPANTS. And as they will click on that link you will get paid.
For 1000 (Thousand) clicks you will be paid $1-$5. And believe me, some of my friends and people I know have earned up to $43.

Some of the famous Link Shortener Websites

  • Link4.Me
  • CPMlink.Net
  • Linkshrink.Net

These are some popular link shortening websites where you can start your link shortening business.

How to start with all this?

  • Friends see first you have¬†to go to any of the link¬†shortener websWORDite.
  • Then Sign Up with your Facebook or Email account.
  • Paste any link you want to share and earn click on those.
  • Share those links on WhatsApp
  • And earns by CLICKS.
Tips to Grow on Short Linking Sites and Earn
¬† ¬† See guys it is not that easy to earn I’m speaking frankly and yah! if you follow the below-given tips then It’s my 100% Assurance that you will be able to earn uptill $30=$40.
    Every work is not easy here you have to work hard which will help you to earn a handful of money. And never think that you will earn lots of money within a week or something all you need here patience
¬†It’s my humble request to you all the please¬†follow the given tips:-
  1. Donate or sacrifice at least 2 hours of your day and work like a bee each day.
  2. You must have a good amount of people on your WhatsApp contacts.
  3. Or else Download an Application named WhatsApp groups from play store where you can enter any groups through the invitation links.
  4. Your participants must be Active.
  5. Search Trending topics and copy topic’s link and share.
  6. People get bored to read articles and feel very excited to watch videos. So go on youtube and from trending section copy that videos URL and then paste and share.
  7.  People normally get interested in health tips, diet tips, some remedy tips for diseases. So better you try for the more greedy topics.
  8. If you are in a group which is based on a specific topic lets take an example that you are in a group where there are only Sports related people and who love sports. There you can go on youtube and then search the BEST 10 FITNESS ACTIVITIES and then copy that video’s URL and paste that in your Group. In the same way, you can search for different topics and paste in different and targeted groups.
  9. If your friend is very interested in reading articles and PDF’s then send that type of link to him and earn.
  10. Play your magic of words and paste a link below and try to establish more and more traffic. (Example: How to be safe from any disease. <And your link here>)
  11. Now it all depends on you where and how you play the magic of words and gain clicks.
Eventually, I have shared you all the tricks which will help you to earn handsome money through WhatsApp without putting hard effort. I recommend you to join WhatsApp and share the content as much as you can. In this way, you can gain some big amount.
I personally feel that instead of spoiling your time you can make money through WhatsApp. But in order to earn more money, you need to have patience and your hard work. And once you start working with firm determination, the rate of your success goes up. You can also share it with others who are not acquainted with it. It will benefit all.
At last, I would like to tell you that the more contact, group, and pages you would have, the more you earn. So start reaching to people as much as people. The main objective should be connecting more people
     My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today
HEY GUYS, PART 2 will be coming soon which will have more 3 ways to earn money through WhatsApp. I would have added those three ways too but it would lengthen this article and you would feel a bit dull, so friends stay updated and have a visit over.
But I’m sure you must have understood how to earn by using Whatsapp so guys please try out this method and if there is any difficulty comment your query and I’ll be at my best to solve your problem.

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