How to Get Apollo Pharmacy Franchise? Cost, Profit, Contact Details.

Are you really eager to know how to get the Apollo Pharmacy Franchise? I mean the cost of the franchise, What are the basic requirements of starting this Franchise and whom to contact for more details? 

Well, I’ve got all your doubts and questions cleared below to get there.

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Well, I’ve got the whole latest 2021 Apollo Pharmacy Information for you which is really helpful. 

Though there are many online e-commerce stores that still give you medicine, the physical shops work and are generating awesome revenue. 

So we will get to know about this franchise from A to Z

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Here’s the overview, table of content which will help you:

Table of Contents: INDEX

  1. Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Requirements.
  2. How much does this Franchise Cost?
  3. Contact Details of Apollo Pharmacy’s Franchise.
  4. Apply for Franchise Form.
  5. Unique Selling Point?
  6. Benefits of this Franchise?
  7. Short History of theirs…

Hey, now let’s move on to our main part of this topic, that is what are the main requirements to start Apollo Pharmacy’s Franchise.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Information, Contact Number,  Cost and etc.

See, you’ll be going through something amazing so keep your eyeballs on the screen and lets…


1. Apollo Pharmacy  Franchise Requirements

Requirements to Start

So, before making any delicious food there’s a requirement list. The same goes here… 

and I’m sure that…

If you are willing to know about this pharmacy franchise you will easily get that information on this page.

So, let’s start over from a clean slate.

A.) Area

Basically, this is one of the most asked questions when it comes to starting a franchise not only of pharmacy but also of other famous franchises like McDonald’s, KFC and many more.

Coming to the point!

So, the space required for this should be a commercial space so that a store can be established.

A shop that has at least 10-15 square meters. This can work fine to open a franchise


If you are considering opening a megastore that combines both retail and wholesale then the bare minimum would be 15 meters.

Because simply imagine that

You are opening a pharmaceutical shop where you have to keep refrigerators, AC, billing counters and a computer machine with a printer for billing.

That’s why the space acquired is more, got it?

You also need to know that the outlet that you are going to start with the name of ‘Apollo Pharmacies’ should be in a city or at a place where there is more profit turnover or more customers. 

For example, A store near a hospital.

So, rounding up

  • Need a shop with at least 10-15 square meters
  • Air Conditioned
  • Computer Machine with a printer
  • Inner furniture required like drawers, shelf’s and etc  

Note: This roundup was according to the area. More requirements like retail licenses and all will come through in the later chunk of this guide.

B.) Skills and Experience required

One of the interesting parts….

So, before going for any job interview you need a particular skill the same goes here.

Following are the required skills and experience for Apollo Pharmacy Franchise:

  • A registered pharmacist who is approved by the pharmacy department, or a graduate with 1-year experience in handling medicines or a person who has passed in S.S.L.C alongside 4 years of experience in drug management specially approved by the department of drug control.
  • One should have Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D)
  • Skills like checking, filling and prescribing the customer’s current need, as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Should have proper knowledge of each and every medicine and their doses.

C.) Regions of Operation

So, where would the shop or the Apollo Medical should be located if it tried to get a franchise?

If you are trying to get a good location for a shop of this kind then you need to know that Apollo Pharmacy is available all over the country.

You should choose a place where there is less competition and more demand for these medicines.

Let’s say…

In cities and crowded areas, go for this kind of place where you see that profit can be produced.

Good to go, right?

D.) Training

(If you are already a trained pharmacist and want to start your business with the franchise of Apollo Pharmacy then can move forward to the section E. )

As you know that it has been said that “Practical Knowledge is more important than theoretical Knowledge”

I totally agree with it, do you?

Basically, you need training of at least 1 year under a pharmacist and then, later on, can focus on receiving additional training.

Being an intern at the pharmacist you should clear all your doubts and later on your mind should run buttery smooth when you are supposed to give any medicine that is been asked.

You should also know all the laws and regulations that are supposed to be followed at the pharmacist shop.

And yes the main thing….

Always remove the expired medicines before they start damaging themselves.

Need more Training Advice?

I think this is more than enough because the further information for being under a pharmacist can be fulfilled when you yourself will be under the training phase.

Best of luck, if you are thinking to go for the training and later on start your own shop.

Best wishes : )

Now, let’s get the ball running towards the last sub-topic of this section.

E.) Staff Requirement

Hehe, quite a small section is this:

So, see 2-3 employees are more than enough but those employees must be trained and should not give medicines to anyone without any permission of qualified pharmacists.

The regular pharmacist should be at the shop for the full time and the employees should support him.

Well, that’s it, now you doubt must be cleared about the staff requirement and all.

2.) Apollo Pharmacy  Franchise Cost

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Cost

Let’s get into this topic which is full of unknown things which you are willing to do, let me spill the beans and make you satisfied within a few lines.

A.) Cost to start?

Now let’s dig into it:

So, expected investments for Apollo Pharmacy for a single unit franchise falls for Rs. 5-10 Lakhs.

Now. if it is rented then you might be charged 20-25k or might be more than that and if the land is purchased then you’ll know it once you contact the owner.

Note: I’ve not included the price of the fridge and the medicines and the stock of the shop. You can calculate it for yourself. As an experienced pharmacist you can come up with a rough price though.

The documentation and franchise license can roughly go up to Rs. 25,000 including Rs. 3,000 registration fee.

But for the master franchisee, the cost is much more: 10-15 Lakhs of investment and the rest can be calculated referring to the above lines.

Happy? Let’s move on…

B.) Area Requirements

The minimum requirement for a small shop is 10-15 meters but if you like to have it more spacious as a megastore then it can go with 15 meters is good enough.

There should be enough space for the shop’s accessories like the fridge, billing counter, printer-computer machine and etc.

Now, I hope that you are quite familiar with the basic Area Requirements.

Quite a short section it was, let’s move on now:

3.) Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Contact Details

Contact Details of Apollo Pharmacy

Well, have you directly jumped on this section?

Ha-ha, bro I too used to do the same when I started blogging from a clean slate and used to read dozens of articles…

How to contact the Apollo Pharmacy Members if you want to have a call with them? 

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Address:

No 65/68, Murugesanaickar Complex,

Loyal Tower 3rd Floor,

Thousand Lights,

Chennai – 600006

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Contact Details: 

(044) 28245800

Official Website of Apollo Pharmacy:

(Screenshot this section, it might be helpful for you)

4.) How to Apply for Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Form

Franchise Form

How to go ahead and fill the franchise form of Apollo Pharmacy? Well, see you need to go to their website and call to (044) 28245800

They will help you to go for further process.

5.) USP of Apollo Pharmacy

USP of Apollo Pharmacy

There’s USP of each and every business that stands out in the competition and comes with the best, and the same Apollo Pharmacy has its own USP.

(What is USP? Full Form of USP is Unique Selling Point)

So, following are the USP:

  • Online + Offline Chain
  • Focus on Key areas
  • Market Study
  • Excellent Sales

Going with Apollo Pharmacy is beneficial and…..

Read next section, might help you as it talks about benefits totally : )

6.) Apollo Pharmacy Benefits

Benefits to start

Every Franchise has it’s benefits and the same is here, Apollo Pharmacies also have some immense benefits that I’m mentioning. (Gaze Them)

  • Brand Reputation
  • High Profits
  • More Exposure

Here they go….

A.) The reputation of the Brand

This brand is really one amongst the best in this industry, so this brings a trust always for the customers and in business Trust drives a lot of profitable customers.

And you’ll also get a good discount from the wholesale market as this brand ‘Apollo Pharmacy’ is renowned

B.) Profit & Learning

Here there’s a profit for sure, and as you know that…

To start a new business it takes a bunch of months to set that business venture but as the brand ‘Apollo Pharmacy’ comes the business settling frequency will be faster.

If I talk about profits, then 


If your store is in the proper city then for sure there might be hospitals nearby and the doctors will mostly advice their patients to take medicines from ‘Apollo Pharmacy’


As I’ve told previously that it has its own USP

And many more clinic doctors will always recommend the same, and the ‘word of mouth’ plays a significant role in Marketing and Business.

So, I hope that you are now satisfied with what I was trying to say.


Learning for the employees is also quite fruitful as I have stated in the Training Section.

Moving on….

7.) Short History of Apollo Pharmacy

History of Apollo Phamacy

See, this history part is boring and I too disliked the ‘History’ subject in my school days, but never ignored it as it was part of my studies.

Look, it is important to know and you SHOULD know it..

  • Founder: Dr. Prathap C. Reddy in 1983 
  • More than 3.5k outlets in India

If you are the one who reads the full biodata of that one business then here’s the deal for you: Know about Apollo Pharmacy A-Z

Happy, it was short right?

Want to earn money from home, just by typing?


That was it, I hope that I have served you the finest Value with basic to zero knowledge and in a simpler way.

And if you remember that question – “How to get Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?”


Then I think that now yours that question is answered beautifully.

What you learned:

  1. How to get in touch with Apollo Pharmacy by contacting them.
  2. Basic Information which explained Cost, USP, Benefits, and History
  3. Profits, Exposure and How to Informations was served.

That was it!        


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