Apex Legends Mobile: Release Date Confirmed?

Apex Legends

Apex legends is a free game and it is a Battle Royale game like PUBG, and most of the Gamers are waiting for “Apex Legends Mobile” And this game is developed by the Respawn Entertainment and this game is a bit different than PUBG. Here we all have to choose any one legend. And Most of the Gamers are waiting for “Apex Legends Mobile”

Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile

Every legend has its own unique ability to fight. So, here we can’t play solo or duo. Here we have to play in a squad of three and in total there are 20 teams i.e 60 players on one island.

This game is available on Windows, Play Station, Xbox One but as the gameplay and idea of this game is different, unique and adventurous most of the people are waiting for the mobile version i.e Apex Legends Mobile.

As this game has crossed over 10 million players just in 3 days and has also crossed 50 million players in one month. And this game is doing very welll and has got good ratings and appreciations. And I think that this game can defeat PUBG MOBILE. Only thing is that when is this game releasing on Mobile.

Once this game comes the craze will go to this game and I think that PUBG MOBILE will get defeated by Apex Legends Mobile when the mobile version launches.

The Release Date of “Apex Legends Mobile”

Apex Legends Mobile

According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, they are already looking forward to bring this game on mobile and soon they will be launching “Apex Legends Mobile” but the date is still not confirmed!

As the Apex Legends Mobile Version comes in mobile it will have a great demand in Asia says Andrew Wilson.

But the date of “Apex Legends Mobile” is not confirmed but the game is launching before 2019 the year end and the month that can be foretold is before November and after July.

Guys if you have not played this game try to play it on PC its free!

Guys last questions for you,

How excited you are for the mobile version of this game?

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