About CauliTech & The Story Behind It

What Is CauliTech?

CauliTech is a website that was launched back in 2018 with a clear goal to help people to monetize their content digitally. CauliTech helps readers make money online, empowering entrepreneurs for business with diversified business & startup ideas. At CauliTech, we also share handy tips to our readers related to the tech niche specifically.

CauliTech was founded by Ramesh D, a college student with a deep interest in blogging and online marketing.

Man Behind CauliTech

I’m Ramesh D and I run things around here!

Hey, welcome, and first of all, thank you for taking an interest in knowing me! To the point, my name is Ramesh, and I am the one behind this site. Basically, I help people on this site give them business ideas, money ideas, and all money-making tips for passive income! I keep on talking about my experiences, and as a tech enthusiast and a laptop geek, I also cover tech-related things on CauliTech.

It was really a great journey for me from the day I started this blog, from there to here until now; I enjoyed and learned numerous things during this journey. There were only crickets on my blog back in 2018, but as I kept on learning and never gave up, CauliTech had made up its way to a certain position where there are thousands of monthly readers.

Thank for reading this page, and best of luck!

-Ramesh D